A huge change

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This is not a story part but it is a change

So basically I had made zain imam as eric but now im changing him and now eric is parth samthaan (21)

ut of Indian (NRI)Wants to build app in India thus app composerBakwas Hindi ,needs translator, humble, seriousLove: shreyaBecome friend with nakulHas translator as parth

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ut of Indian (NRI)
Wants to build app in India thus app composer
Bakwas Hindi ,needs translator, humble, serious
Love: shreya
Become friend with nakul
Has translator as parth

As I had not given the age
Avneet kaur as isha 19
Harsh as siddharth nigam 19
Parth as jaijeet 18
Freya as reem shaikh 18
Shreya as niti taylor 21
Daisy as shivangi joshi 20
Nakul as moushin khan 20
Eric as parth samthaan 21

Freya, Rhea ,Isha ,Eric ,Nakul, Daisy, Shreya, Harsh, Ishan, Parth altogether make F.R.I.E.N.S.H.I.P I know I should have did that before but it striked me later sry for it comment below if it is ok😓😓

And yaa tomorrow Handcuffed part 3 is gonna release at 5pm so get curious for it😬😆😉

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