Part 5 ; Fake Love (+16)

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Warning smut content

*Jungkook POV*

I don't know what controls me now, and I don't think that having sex with our wife is wrong. But what I feel now is full of lust.

I'm moving towards y/n and above her sexy slim body. "Kook, you should take a shower now" She tried to push me when my lips were on her sweet neck.

But my body does not move even a bit and keep sucking y/n's neck even though her still pushes my body.

I grabbed y/n's hand and above her head. I suck hard until the mark appears on her neck. She let out moan when I found her sweet spot.

I smirk between her neck when I heard her moan on my ears. "I want to sle-" I attacked her red lip and kiss her passionately until y/n kissed me back.

She let out moan again when I bit her lip playfully. "I will not let you sleep today until I'm done" I ripped her shirt and kisses all of her body part.

She keep moaning when I found her sweet spot. I ripped her underwear and I immediately put my hard dick inside her.

She wants to scream because I didn't let her adjust my big size but I kisses her lip to shut her mouth. "You're so tight, y/n. Ahh fuckk"

*Skip Times, Y/n POV*

I wake up because of sunlight from the window. I looked at my side but Jungkook was gone. He is busy as always.

I sit on my bed and my eyes caught a small piece of paper with a glass of orange juice on the table beside the bed. I smile when Jungkook's name was written on the paper.

Good morning to my beautiful Queen.

Sorry because I'm not with you this morning because I received a call that I have an important meeting with a company of China today.

And a glass of orange juice only for you after our night which make you tired and can't walk this morning. 😏😏

From : Your husband Jungkook 💋💕

I smiled after I read the paper and I take the bearings then drinks the orange juice. I remembered what happened last night but why Jungkook smelled like alcohol??

I also remember what Jungkook whispered to me last night but did he really mean it? Or he's still confused with his feelings??

"Y/n, I think.. I love.. You"

No, I'm sure that Jungkook still confused with his feelings. And I still remember what he promised me when we were honeymooned 1 year ago.

*Flashback, Phuket Thailand*

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