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"Avery!" The door swung open and a familiar cold voice surrounded my sleepy senses. My eyes opened a little and I realized that it was morning. 

I peeked carefully, my face hidden by the blanket as I saw Kyle standing on the edge of our....my bed. He was already dressed in a navy blue suit, checking his watch. They told me that I will find the rest out tomorrow.

 Wait, does that mean that they are about to do something to hurt us today?

 I closed my eyes, pretending that I was sleeping. 

Hold up, Is that the only idea you've got? To sleep? Real Fucking Smart, Avery!

What? It's like seven a.m. in the morning. I cant thing of anything else.

"Avery, Get up. Right now! I know that you're awake." Kyle's irritated voice came from the other side of the room.

Well, it was fun while that idea lasted.

Raising my hand out of the blanket, I flicked my middle finger towards him. "Fuck off, Kyle."

"Oh, really? Ok, then." Kyle's now furious and rage-full voice boomed from the other side of the bed. A second later, my blanket flew off of me as Kyle's enraged face came in sight.

Instead of the angry look of his face, my eyes traveled to the dark circles under his eyes. It looked like he hadn't slept last night.

Avery, dont you dare have even an ounce of sympathy for him! Remember what he did last night. Remember what they did to Rhett.

"Kyle-" Every word got stuck in my throat as his hands wrapped around my waist and he flung my body on his shoulder. His other hand came to rest on my thighs to keep my body in place.

"Kyle, What is wrong with you?" I screamed, scared of where he's going to take me. My head was spinning and I felt that I was about to throw up whatever I had eaten last night.

He entered the luxurious bathroom with me on his shoulder. As soon as I saw where he was taking me, I screamed, "Kyle, I swear to God-" His other hand left my thigh and I was flung in to the tub filled with water. I looked down at myself and tears sprinkled my eyes as I realized that I had still been in my wedding dress. And now it was all ruined. 

Tears started to trail down my cheek and I held in a sob. 

Flicking the drops of water off his expensive suit, Kyle raised his cold hazel eyes towards and then his eyes lowered to the watch on his wrist. "You have fifteen minutes to get ready. The car will waiting for us on the front gate." His hazel eyes settled on me. Bending his knees, he crouched down to my height while I sat in the bathtub, holding in a shiver from the cold water with tears streaming down my face. "The real show is about to start. So get ready, Avery." He said with the same emotionless smirk on his face as before.

It was then I realized as he stood up and walked out of the bathroom that he wasn't the guy I loved. I was just a pawn in his game who he could use whenever he wanted. My father had murdered his brother and I had been one of the reasons for that. To him, we were enemies.


"Well, right on time!" Giovanni Demarco said as I walked down the stairs. Kyle was standing beside him on the edge of the staircase with a detached look on his face.

We walked towards the waiting Limo parked right in front of the mansions front door. My thoughts went to Kaleb for a second. Kaleb was still sleeping in his room. Thank God, he was safe and that Blaire and Kaden had at least brought him home safely. Blaire and Kaden had been home the entire time but hadn't come out to stop any of this. Maybe they just didn't want to invest themselves into this situation.

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