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Sitting next to Caitlin Barry waited for her to wake up. He was thinking, hard. He found himself realizing that if Caitlin did due to cancer then Dawn wouldn't be here and wouldn't have any memories with her. 

Barry stayed motionless staring at the floor until he heard the door open. Looking over, he saw Joe walking to the chair next to Barry. "Hey Barr how you doing." Joe says calmly, "I, I don't know." Barry said tears streaming down his face. "You know the rest of us are confused, about this whole situation." Joe says trying to get him to talk. "What do you want me to tell you joe, that I have a daughter with Caitlin, That that girl out there is named Dawn Snow-Allen, that I don't love iris anymore and that I love Caitlin. Happy, Now you know." Barry says in a whispered shout. "So that Baby in Caitlin's stomach is yours?" 

"Yes Joe, I slept with Caitlin, I cheated on Iris and I fucked Caitlin. I don't love Iris and she knows it." Barry finally shouts then breaks down into tears. "Okay, Barr everything is going to be okay." Joe said hugging his son, this could be barry's breaking point. But Joe knew that if he loved Caitlin then he would stay by her side at all times. Slowly Caitlin began to awake, opening her eyes she looked around "Barry?" She said catching the attention of both Barry and Joe. "Yeah Cait, It's me." Barry said quickly getting up from the chair, he kissed her lips slowly and softly. "Its gonna be okay" he continues after they slowly part and connects their forehead.

"Mom" They hear and turn to see Dawn running in and to hug Caitlin. "Hey Baby girl, you doing okay?" Caitlin said remembering Dawns frost situation "That doesn't matter what matters is the fact that you're okay" Dawn says slowly parting from Caitlin 

"Look Cait.." Barry said attempting to break the news slowly. "I know Barry I'm a doctor I know the symptoms, It's okay, I'll be fine." Caitlin says the almost on cue Felicity can running In "Caitlin" She says running in to give Caitlin a hug making them both stumble backwards and giggle.

"You know after this mess, we should all go out." Iris suggested walking in with everyone else behind her. "Yeah, Mom always said that we can't go out unless it's with her." Dawn said "We?" barry questioned "oh right, Um... I forgot to tell you I have  twin brother" she said nervously "WHAT?" Barry and Caitlin both screamed "His name is Henry, after your dad" She said turning to Barry the finished with "Mom chose the name"

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