Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

        "I heard you got Mr. Rex here out of some serious shit this morning, princess." Trey teased as he plopped down on his music room's couch beside me.

        "I didn't want him to get in trouble." I admitted with a sheepish grin as his arm rested against the back of the couch.

        He shook his head but laughed as his eyes twinkled in amusement. "Oh Rose, you're going to learn sooner or later that every time that dip-shit get's in trouble it's because he deserves it."

        I squirmed nervously at his words.

        "Stop filling her head with shit." Rex's voice grumbled as his heavy body sat down beside me, his arm instantly going to wrap around my waist and pull me to his side.

        "It's not shit! It's the truth." Trey's voice was smug and his face held a smirk, but I knew, I just knew, that what he said upset Rex.

        His jaw was tense and his body was stiff as his arm went slightly slack around me and he turned his head in the completely opposite direction. I gently reached across his lap and grabbed the hand that wasn't resting on my hip. I laced our fingers together and held his hand tightly, loving how he slowly relaxed back into me, his arm around my waist tightening once again.

        When I looked back up, Trey was staring at our joined hands with slightly wide eyes, shock written clearly in his face. "What the fuck are you staring at?" Rex growled at Trey as he brought our joined hands into his lap... away from Trey's view.

        He chuckled.

        "Nothing man, sorrryyy." Trey drawled out lazily as his eyes took in the mess that was his music room. Brent and Denton had thrown CD after CD across the room while they argued over what band or singer was better. Honestly, it was rather amusing to watch.

        "The Beatles are a classic!" Brent shouted at his younger brother has he chucked another CD at Denton's head.

        "And so is Metallica!" Denton shouted back as he barely dodged the multiple disks Brent was still throwing.

        "Stop destroying my music!!" Trey suddenly bombed across the room, his giant rock like figure shooting up from the couch and stomping over to the two brothers.

        Rex chuckled in my ear, "They're such idiots they make everything so amusing to watch."

        I laughed too, unaware of my body turning to face his. "I agree." We watched their bickering for forever, and it was only funnier when Trey ended up joining in instead of stopping it.

        "You ready to go home?" Rex whispered closely to my ear what felt like hours later.

        I lifted my heavy head from his shoulder with a shy yawn and nodded. "Yeah." I gave him a small smile as he gently pulled himself away from me and stood to his feet with a lengthy stretch. I tried to ignore the small patch of tan skin that peaked out from beneath his shirt, but I soon found out that was near impossible.

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