Thereafter, the door opened, revealing Namjoo carrying a tray of breakfast.

Seeing both of them cuddles together, she shakes her head and smiles at both of them.

"That's smell so good". Jungkook commented once the tray had placed on the coffee table.

"Hey, you have room for one more". The three of them look toward the doorway and Mr. Jeon stepped into the room with a huge smile on his face.

"Wow". Jungkook sighed, running his finger through his messy bed hair. "Can we not do family meetings right now? We just got up if you don't mind".

Namjoo then walked over to her husband. "Your mother and I have come up with a proposition and I happen to think it's a terrific idea". Mr. Jeon announced, making Lisa and Jungkook exchanging looks of confusion.

"We want you to get married here tomorrow". Namjoo announced causing both Jungkook and Lisa's eyes to widen in surprise. "Well, you're gonna get married anyway, so why don't you get married here where we can be all together".

"Oh, but it's your birthday tomorrow. We don't want to ruin it. That's, you know..". Lisa said, turning to Jungkook who's in deep thought.

"It's okay. It would be a dream come true for me to see my son's wedding". Namjoo said, glancing over her husband who nodded his head.

Lisa and Jungkook stare at both of them with a disagreement look.

"Okay, we will do everything and you can get married like we did, in the backyard". Namjoo said.

"It's a Jeon family tradition". Mr. Jeon stated, earning a nod from them, trying to hide their worrisome.

"So, I think I should leave you alone now". Namjoo said, wrapping her husband's arm. "But we're just so excited! I know you're excited too".

"It's the craziest". Lisa said, watching Mr. Jeon ushered his wife out of the room.

After the door had shut, Jungkook started to groan. "Oh my god". He growled causing Lisa to look at him. "When my mom finds out that this whole thing's a sham she's gonna be crushed". He said, raking his finger through his hair.

"Your mom's not gonna find out". Lisa said, trying to calm him.

"God, Lisa!". Jungkook exhaled, burying his face in his hands while Lisa gently rubbed his back.

"Jungkook, they're not gonna find out, okay? Just relax, it's gonna be okay. It's not like we're gonna be married forever". She said. "We'll be happily divorced before you know it. It will be fine. It will be fine".

She rested her head on Jungkook's shoulder absentmindedly rubbing his back and he couldn't deny since it's a bit comforting him.

"You okay?". She asked, looking directly through his eyes.

He looked at her in baffled as if he was hypnotized by her beauty and nodded his head. "Yeah..".

After that, she pulled away from each other and get up from the bed. "I'll get us some coffee". She said, making her way over to the tray which his mother prepared for them. "Oh, it's Cappucino. Not sure, how's your mother know me so well". She said, causing Jungkook chuckles.

"Get a quickie divorce, we'll be fine". Jungkook mumbles, enough for Lisa to listen.

"Absolutely". She replied, causing Jungkook to glance up to her, bringing a plate of cinnamon rolls for him. "Everything is going to be great, here". She said, giving him a plate. "This little missus better learns how to cook, so she can take care of her husband. Keep my man happy". She joked, causing him smiles. "I don't want him leaving me for another woman".

Jungkook giggled. "Come on. I haven't left you yet, Lisa". Jungkook said, taking a small bite of Cinnamon rolls.

Lisa couldn't help but put up a forced smile. Lisa, on the other hand, does realize that it would possibly a good idea of her being with Jungkook. Her head remained questioning about love and she knew it sounds silly but she's not sure if she wants to leave him.

"You know what? I'm gonna go". She said, immediately get onto her feet.

"Where?". Jungkook asked while munching his last bite.

"I just kinda feel like going outside". She said, walking towards the bathroom.

"Alright... that's the bathroom".

"Oh, yeah. I know, I'm just... I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and then I'm gonna go out, outside". She stated and stepped into the bathroom, earning a nod from Jungkook.

After she entered the bathroom, Jungkook leaned himself back on the bed frame and let out his very anxious sighed.


Stepping out of the car, Lisa's sister known as Eliza Jung get inside the massive building in front of her. The Lavender Apartment一 the place where Lisa's lived in.

She then walks up to the seventh floor of Lisa's apartment. Once she stood in front of her door, Eliza presses the doorbell then knock the door so many times but no response. She became fed up and walk back through the hallway until she spots a woman about to enter her home. "Excuse me!". She shouted to catch the woman's attention.

The woman turned her head to where Eliza's direction is and smiles.

As soon as Eliza runs into her, she huffs and puffs for a breath. "Yes, what can I help you, ma'am?". The woman asked.

"Can I ask you that, um.. is Lisa still living here?". Eliza asked.

The woman nods her head. "Yes, um.. actually, may I know you?".

Eliza straightens her body and extends her hand. "I'm Eliza Jung. Lisa's elder sister". She said and the woman accepting her handshake.

"Jennie, Lisa's neighbor". She introduced.

"So, do you know where she is?".

Jennie nods her head. "Um.. she told me that she went to Busan". She stated causing Eliza furrows her eyebrows.


"Yes, she's going to visit her mother-in-law's sixty-sixth birthday with her fiancé. That's the only thing I knew".

This time, Eliza's eyes widen in surprise. "Fiancé? How come she didn't tell me that?".

Jennie stays silent since she didn't know anything about it.

Eliza sighs. "It's okay. Sorry to interrupt you".

"It's fine". Jennie said.

After Jennie give her a bow and leave her alone in the hallway, Eliza sighs and tried to make a second phone call but soon she heard a familiar voice on the other line, answering her call.

To be continued on chapter 09一

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