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It's quite early in the morning where an unfamiliar woman has successfully landed to Seoul Airport as she walked through the glass door where she saw a luxury car had parked in front of the building.

Her Prada handbag perfectly hangs in her arms while her other hand, pulling her suitcase.

As soon as she gets inside the car, the woman took off her glasses and glanced in the rearview mirror and her eyes met with the driver. "Bring me to the Lavender Apartment, please". She instructed, earning nods from the driver.

While scrolling through her phone screen, she caught one of her contact number which is one and the only person she really wants to meet一 Lalisa Jung.

Without her doubt, she makes a phone call and waiting for Lisa to pick up her call.


Jumping up from her sleep, Lisa hurriedly searches for her phone on the bedside table when the ringing awakens her but it's out of nowhere. The sound of a phone remains plays in this room causing Jungkook on her side, groaning in annoyance. "Oh my god! Lisa!". He growled then covering his ears with her pillow.

"Where's my phone!". She whispers yelled while searching for her phone. "Jungkook, have you seen my phone?".

"In your purse, I think". He muttered, his eyes still closed.

Immediately get up from her bed, Lisa went to the corner of the room and rummages for her phone in her purse. After she manages to retrieve her phone, the call has ended not wanting to wait for her. "Really?!". She whispers yelled.

She swipes up the phone screen and stares down in baffle with the unfamiliar number popped out before her. "Who's this?". She asked to herself.

Not long after, she was disturbed by the knock on the door causing her to jump. "Room service. Breakfast for the happy couple". Namjoo's voice on the other side, causing Lisa to immediately jump back in her bed with a sleepy Jungkook on her side.

She quickly brushes her hair and put a bit lip balm on her lips when the second knock causing her to panic. "Jungkook! Wake up!". She whispers yelled at him and shook him aggressively.

Jungkook's eyes remained close then turned his body only to face Lisa causing her to roll her eyes at him. "Jungkook!". She hit his face with a pillow, causing him to groan loudly. "Your mother's at the door. Wake up!". She said, causing his eyes shot open.

He immediately leaned his back against the bed frame while spreading the baby blanket to cover both of them causing Lisa yelp in disgusted. "No. Not the baby blanket". She said, removing the baby blanket out from the bed.

Jungkook sighs in exhausted. "Wait a second. Hold on". He said and leaned down next to Lisa. "Are you wearing lipstick?".

"What? No. Of course not".

He huffed. "So what do we do?". He asked her and his mother continue, knocking the door.

"Just spoon me". She said and laid on his side so that he could spoon her from behind. Once her body leaned against him, he wrapped his arm around her and pretended to be a real couple.

"Are you okay?". Namjoo asked from outside.

"Yep. Come on in. Everything's fine". Jungkook replied

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