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Sadie's hands were still shaking and glowing even over an hour later. She didn't know how to stop it- this had never happened before, and as they sat in a six seater car on the way to who knows where, she wished the light would extinguish.

To say they were shocked to see Maria Hill disguised as a HYDRA agent would be an understatement, but was Sadie glad they were saved?

Of course.

Sadie had only ever met Agent Hill in passing- most recently when Steve was discovered in the ice three years ago, but first in 2010. SHIELD had originally discovered Doctor Isadora Moore after word in Afghanistan had gotten around regarding an American doctor who could fix what needed surgery with her bare hands. The locals had called her a name in Farsi that she had never understood. Sadie supposed she never would know it's meaning- but clearly, the tales told were interesting enough for SHIELD to drag her into their insane world.

Natasha, Agent Hill and Sam sat in the front of the six seater car, all fairly lively as they listened to the radio. Perhaps it was something she would never understand, to come out of combat and have it simply be another day at the office. Sadie had managed to finally persuade Natasha to let her help stop the bleeding, but the bullet was still inside her, and Sadie didn't know if her powers could get it out when she was this drained. She'd gone deeper into her powers than ever, and she suspected that if she went any further, she would hit a wall of nothing.

But still, her hands glowed and shook, and she wondered why she couldn't make it stop. Adrenaline? Short term trauma? Sadie wished it would all just make sense to her- she was a diagnostician, but she couldn't diagnose herself.

That all left Sadie and Steve in the backseat, sitting in dead silence, a partition up in front of them. The divide made her feel like she was still under arrest, but Steve had pulled it up earlier, evidently just as disturbed as she was to see the three in the front so... chipper.

Sadie was hyper aware of the seatbelt across her chest, and had made sure everyone else wore theirs at the beginning of the journey- she didn't want a repeat of what happened on the highway. She looked over at the super soldier who sat beside her, head leaned against the window, tired. Steve had told them all about how he'd recognised the metal armed man- the Winter Soldier- as his childhood friend Bucky Barnes, but this Bucky had no idea who Steve was.

"Steve, I'm sorry," Sadie said, finally- guilt had been eating away at her ever since they got out of danger. "I never should have been there today, if I got in the way of anything-"

"You helped those people, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but you warned me this would happen-"

"Usually, we don't have the skills for any collateral. You did," Steve said, still not looking at her. "So don't feel so bad about it. We have much more to deal with before this is all over."

That certainly shut her up. Sadie looked down at her hands again, wondering how she could stop them from shaking, and glowing. She clasped them together in an attempt to stop it, but they continued to only glow brighter. Steve reached over to her, but she pulled her hands away- she didn't know if the light would hurt him- was it hot, was it cold, was it painful, when she healed people? She had no idea how it felt.

Apparently, Steve wasn't afraid of that. Sadie felt his hands on hers, steadying them. Somehow, his gentleness was enough to keep her still. She gazed at their hands, the blue glow illuminating straight through him, making his skin almost translucent- Sadie thought if she stared for long enough, she might be able to see the blood in his veins.

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