Gripped By the Dark Side

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Gripped By the Dark Side

by Naia_Maynard 

"Those precious memories-"

"Dead in the darkside of the force."

"The Winged Goddess, dead on my behalf...Kenobi dead by his own determination. And what of Skywalker?"

The Son turned on the sable ground that was dark as his own desires.

"My foolish one...Skywalker is dead because you revolted! My intentions have been foiled with your childish mistake!"

Ahsoka was knelt sorely to the ground, her crisp respect towards The Son had only just begun. Her impressive potential of power hungered her for more hostility. And that is what it costed, her own dreadful failure.

"I felt like myself, rage and power finally being released. It fed my impulse to kill." Ahsoka admitted painfully.

The Son stood over his willing slave. His arms rested behind his back as he appeared dissatisfied. The weak azure lighting only made the atmosphere more opaque.

"There is another being that possesses comparable power to Skywalker. He is tucked away in the planet of Lotho Minor. In a way, this being is more accessible than Skywalker. He in fact is one among us in the darkside of the force. Find him, and bring this wielded one to me at once." The Son commanded vigorously.

"What of The Father? He is still ali-"

"Do not question my motives! I will begin my dealings with him once you are gone, he is the only one standing between my departure from this sickening planet." The Son blustered.

Ahsoka remained kneeled and silent.

The Son's hard footsteps passed her expeditiously, only then did she rise from her position...

Thoughts of peace and calamity spoke wildly in her mind. Memories of killings and deaths she had witnessed only fed her. Her longing to feel that overwhelming control of power. She pleaded with herself to only satisfy The Son, the one who in which granted her such excitement.

Her times as a lowly padawan provoked her incomprehensible thoughts on why she didn't know of such power the darkside held. Really why was it such a bad thing?

Ahsoka found herself in the pilot seat of the Republican ship. It was hard to believe she was once sitting peaceful here with Skywalker and Kenobi. She hit the controls that were now miraculously functional.

Kenobi had been slaughtered by The Son in the attempts to save Skywalker and herself. She didn't see the good it would of done if Kenobi had saved her...not after the power she tasted.

She felt the ship sway as the thrusters began the take off sequence.

A sudden thought of Anakin made her feel disturbed. He was dead now, by her own disgrace. The Son wished him to be alive but she ruined it in all entirely. Why did she do such a thing?

Ashoka realized she was in the empty bitterness of space. She felt as if she had blacked out in her thoughts during her breakthrough of the planets surface.

The thoughts nagged her as she gripped to the steering like she would of to her own sabers.

Ahsoka blinked...trying to flood away her thoughts of Anakin...the one she killed.

"Those precious memories-"

"Dead in the darkside of the force."

The Son's voice spoke to her bleakly as if he was whispering in her ear.

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