Princess Package

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Princess Package

by Chillytv 

The rebel front is most active in the mornings. Humanoids who've joined the resistance rush from one corridor to another. Their conversations overlapping in a barrage of voices with little regard for the silver, and orange astromech droid rolling around their ankles.

When he reached his designated station, Poe Dameron was half-way under the starfighter holding out his hand for something. He called for it again. The humanoid Finn didn't seem to know much of anything about the T-70 X-wing's components.

BB-8 found the device Poe was asking for lying nearby and picked it up using his grasping arm. Poe slid out and saw BB-8 holding out the device.

"Thanks, pal," Finn said before sliding back under the starfighter.

BB-8 gave him the delighted 'you're welcome,' beep while Finn glared at him with clenched teeth.

"You could have just shown me which one it was."

BB-8's dome-shaped top swiveled from side to side as he let out several disapproving beeps and clicks. Finn didn't understand binary and was a nuisance, had been since the day they met. He'd lied and said he was with the Resistance against the Empire.

The fact that he didn't understand basic binary gave him away. Finn was an escaped stormtrooper at the time but his desire to impress Rey pushed him over to their side. She'd rescued them from the sand planet of Jakku.

"Like I said, what do you think?" Finn asked continuing his questioning.

"BB-8, go check on the exhaust modulator. I don't like surprises."

At his command, BB-8 rolled up and into position while continuing to monitor the conversation between Poe and Finn.

As always it was a duty and mission to be ready for flight in the Starfighter. Their previous two ships had met their unfortunate demise in the middle of battles with members of the Empire.

BB-8 had learned much from previous mech robots about paying attention to details and keeping track of what others said and did. BB-8 had become quite skilled in reading humanoids.

His encounter with Rey proved it. In fact, she was now helping to lead the Resistance. BB-8 paused his system's analysis when he overheard Finn say her name.

"I mean, Rey, what do you think? Is she interested in someone?"

"Look, if you like the girl you're going to have to tell her there's no other way around it. There's also Rose, what are you going to do about her?"

"What do you mean? Rose is just a friend."

There was a long pause before Poe answered.

"Nevermind. BB, are we all set?"

They were and BB-8 answered with an affirmative beep.

"Good, we've got someplace to be."

"I should come with you, you might need back up," Finn said.

BB-8 looked from Poe to Finn and back again. Finn was a liability, he seemed to talk a lot while few people paid attention. Besides, Poe never needed back up before. That was an astromech's job, to take care of the pilot and the ship. Finn would only get in the way.

"Not this time, we've got a package to pick up. BB-8, start us up."

BB-8 gave a relieved sounding whistle that the humanoids didn't hear. Poe checked their systems in his automatic almost robotic way, while BB-8 began the initiation sequence. He seemed to have a way with all electronics. Before they left, he had another word for the ex-stormtrooper.

"Finn, do me a favor before you make any serious proposals wait for Rose to wake up."

"Sure," Finn seemed surprised by this mandate. Of course, he was a slow one. No doubt due to many years under the rulership of the Empire.

They were beyond the front and flying through space in minutes. The planet on their coordinates was not one where BB-8 expected to find anything of importance.

Skor II was a squib planet and was known as a galactic junkyard. It was located hours from the base and Finn liked to pass the time listening to his favorite music.

When they reached the planet the surface was made up of large brown and green patches.

"Let's touch down someplace quiet, I'll put us down in a patch of woods there at the foot of those hills."

Despite the bit of turbulence from the planet's gravitational pull, he placed the starfighter down as if it weighed no more than a bolt. Tall trees surrounded the small meadow shielding them from the sun's light.

It was preferable to some more extreme locations where they'd worked. It's known the circuitry of an astromech becomes glitchy when dealing with elements like sand and snow.

BB-8 shut down the rest of their systems as Poe leaped out of the cockpit and onto the grass below. Preparing to join him BB-8 extended the small ramp and rolled to a stop at Poe's feet.

"I need you to stay with the ship and be on the lookout for anything suspicious. I'll be back with the package soon."

BB-8 responded with a series of beeps and clicks.

"Yes, defend the ship or we won't be able to leave this planet. I'll be back soon."

Soon, for most humanoids like Poe, was a relative construct. It was used to indicate an unspecified time in the future and one that annoyed most astromechs with internal clocks.

BB-8 waited hours for his return. He'd already had to protect the ship from local scrap thieves, scavenger mechs, and even lower level biological creatures that scurried the grasses looking for a place to nest.

An explosion drew BB-8's attention from the ship to the western sky. He debated about going to Poe's rescue or waiting as ordered. Before he could decide Poe burst through the trees looking like he'd used his face as a shield against his run through the trees. There were so many scratches on his face and hands. The cut above his left eye bled down his cheek and dripped off his chin.

BB-8 let out a series of excited beeps, wanting to know what had happened.

"No time to explain. Take the princess back to the front. I'll hold them off."

BB-8's black photoreceptor shifted between Poe and the young woman at his side. BB-8 didn't like this plan. Leaving Poe behind was something that never sat well with the droid. The last time Poe was captured by Kylo Ren and almost killed.

Poe had called the woman with him a princess. She looked more like a Hutt slave. Her blonde hair held pieces of the trees and her smudged face looked horrified at the idea of getting into the starfighter. Someone had ripped the light blue gown she wore at the arms and legs. There were dirt and blood stains all over the front of it and on all over her exposed skin.

"I need you to do this buddy. Take her back to our base. She is the package. They'll know what to do."

The princess' large blue eyes wavered from the ship to BB-8, and then back to Poe.

BB-8 responded in the affirmative and rolled back up the ramp and into position.

"I know you won't let me down, hurry!"

Poe darted back into the trees leaving BB-8 no time to respond. He input the coordinates of the Rebel base as Poe commanded, then the ship lifted into the air and away from the grassy meadow. BB-8 scanned the perimeter for any signs of Poe but found none.

Another explosion blinded his rear sensors. The princess in the cockpit let out a startled yelp just as BB-8 whistled in surprise.

After several moments she covered her face with her smudged hands and cried. BB-8 tried to reassure her with a whistle tone and several beeps. She didn't seem to understand his binary. Regardless, he had a package to deliver, and the Resistance was counting on him again.

They reached the rebel base after dark and the patrols were surprised to see him bringing in the starfighter without a pilot. He explained that he was bringing in the princess package and that Poe needed their help back on Skor II.

"We read you, BB-8, bring her in," said the on-duty patrol officer. His voice was firm and reassuring.

BB-8 maneuvered the starfighter into the hanger bay. He shut off the engines lowered the ramp. He rolled to a stop at Rey and Finn's feet.

"What happened to Poe?" Finn asked.

BB-8 relayed the message to Rey who understood binary and then waited for her to relay it to Finn.

"What princess package?" She asked when he mentioned the woman.

Behind him, he heard the tentative footfalls of the princess as she exited the starfighter. Her wide eyes looked around the hanger while she clutched her arms around her middle.

"I think it means me," she said.

Her tear streaked face had more dirt smudges but she tried to smile at Rey.

"Good work, BB-8," Finn said.

He tapped the top of BB-8's unit and he let out a low whistle of appreciation. The princess package must have been very important for Poe to stay behind.

"Welcome, Your Highness. Let's get you to the General," Rey said.

She held out a hand and led the woman down the corridor toward the General's command center.

BB-8 grew concerned that they were forgetting someone very important. His beeps and whistles were only heard by Finn who usually understood him the least.

"Wait, what about Poe?" Finn asked.

BB-8 let out a confirming beep. Finn had guessed right. Maybe he also wanted to know what they were going to do about Poe.

Rey turned and looked directly at BB-8 when she answered.

"Don't worry, we're going after him."

BB-8 believed her. She was important to the Resistance and had gone alone to find Luke Skywalker the Jedi. No matter what happened, he was safe with her. They'd get Poe back and then the Empire would fall.

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