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Lisa POV
When I saw Jennie, I thought I've already move on from her. The pain, is still on my heart, why she didn't answer my question, why she didn't explain on me. Shit.

I walking at the hallway, then I suddenly kneel down. I touch my belly and it's still in painful.

Then a doctor saw me, she asked me so much and I didn't hear all of it. I felt dizzy, it's like, the poison in my body is still here.

I didn't know what happen next on me.

I open my eyes, and i saw that I'm at emergency room.

"Why I'm here?." I calmly said.

"CEO Manoban, you fainted when I ask you, and you told me that you felt dizzy."a bunny human said.

"What's your name?." I asked.

"Oh yeah I forgot, I'm, Im Nayeon." she said and vow at me.

"Weird surname." I said and she laugh.

"Hmm, I need to go, I have an works to do."i stand but she didn't let me go.

"Sorry but the doctor won't let you go, you need to rest CEO. Manoban." she said.

"I'm the CEO, and I Don't trust Doctors." I said and I want to go but, she will never let me go.

"I sa-" someone cut me off.

"Ms. Manoban, you can't go right now, you need to rest." the doctor said.

"Tss." I lay on my bed and hide myself on the blanket.

"Ms. Nayeon you can go now, thanks for watching her." the doctor said and went over me.

"The poison inside of your body is still not heal." he said.

"So?." I said.

"Don't act rude on me." he said and he hit my forehead.

"Ouchh, Jeongguk!" I said and he hit me again.

"DR JEON." He said, emphasising the word Jeon.

"Fine, why are here?, your not even a worker here." I said while he's checking my pressure.

"I came here, coz your mom told me that you came here to buy Wellington, and im here coz I'm your personal doctor." he said and I laugh.

"Personal doctor?, your dad is our family doctor, and your just his son." I said.

"Yes I'm his son, even I'm not your family doctor, I'm still need to check on you here in New Zealand, from now on, I'm your personal doctor here in New Zealand." he seriously said.

"Tss, before you go, can I asked something." I asked.

"Go on." he said.

"Why did you change your name to jungkook?." I asked.

"Because Jeongguk is sound like Jungkook." he said and smirked.

He went outside and he closed the door.

"Weird." I said then I lay at my bed.

Jennie POV
I'm thinking about Lisa and the new doctor, I saw them talking so happily at the VIP room, they look like more than friends the way they smile.

Wait do I look jealous on them?, nah it's impossible.

"Hey Ms. Kim." a familiar voice said, I look at him.

"Your thinking too much, here." he said and he handle me an coffee.

Before I grab the coffee he's giving on me, someone bump Mr. Kim coffee.

"What the hell!." Mr. Kim said and he went to that new doctor.

"Say sorry on me!, don't you know who I am huh!." he yelled.

"Ohh, i thought I bump on animal...." he said.

"Yes I know you, you're the one who lives in drug lord town, right?." he said, wait what?.

"Oh BTW, Ms. Kim Right?" he added and look at me.

"Yes?."i said.

" Don't drink that coffee, he put an chemical there. "he said and walk out.

He got fast eyes, and he is a excellent doctor, oh godd I envy him so much.

I leave kai, and I went to the new doctor.

" Thanks. "I said and he look at me.

"Okay." he coldly said.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"I'm Jeon Jungkook, I'm the new vice president." he said. WTH.

He got higher position in his first day than me, aish.

"Hey, can you tell me, what is your relation to CEO Manoban?." I asked.

He went over me and whispered deadly on me.

"None of your business." he said and leave me.

He is so weird.


??? POV
I was holding an torny rose and my Number one henchman came in.

"Master, Lisa Manoban is still alive." he said.

"I know." I said and I went over him.

"Give her a big dosage of poison, but before that, we need to look at her first." I said.

"We already know where she is master." a one of my supporters said.

"Good." I said and I told them to go now.

"I will finish you Lisa, with your family and important person in your life." I said and I clench my fist why holding the torny rose.

All of my blood flow down and I laugh demonly.

820 words.

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