An Almost Normal Day

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An Almost Normal Day

by AdrianaPantier 

The day always started the same. BeeBee woke up first, her best friend and bunk-mate snoring above her. She sighed softly and rolled up, getting off the bottom bunk. Poe grumbled something in his sleep and rolled over on the top bunk. Maybe this was the day she would find the words to tell him how she felt. BeeBee got dressed in her normal white and gray jumpsuit with the orange vest over it. She couldn't help but stare at herself in the mirror for a moment. Pale skin and bright orange hair, she always stood out.

Poe suddenly woke with a start, sitting up fast enough to startle BeeBee. His dark eyes were wide with fear and a light sweat on his brow. She turned towards him, looking him over quickly.

"Poe?" BeeBee asked softly, placing a small pale hand on the shoulder of her friend.

"BeeBee," he said in a relieved tone, letting out a soft sigh. She backed away, watching him in the corner of her eye get out of the bunk as she dug through a drawer for her clothes. She knew it was a bad dream. Ever since being captured and tortured his sleep was plagued by Kylo Ren.

BeeBee should have been there with him. She shouldn't have ran on Jakku. It was guilt she lived with everyday. She should have been the one tortured while Poe took the map to escape.

By the time BeeBee had found her clothes, Poe was dressed and ready to go, dark curls brushed and smoothed out as best he could. She stared at her friend for a moment.

"Finn and I are going out this morning." Her heart sank, she wanted to forget Finn. Poe and Finn were close and she feared she would lose her friend and bunk-mate all-together one day.

"Alright," she responded simply as she turned back to getting ready for the day. Poe quickly left the room leaving her alone to her thoughts. She met with the droids and mechanics and listened to discussions on what needed done that day.

She met up with Poe and Finn by their meal time around noon. She sat across from them on a hard metal bench. They sat close enough their shoulders brushed each time they moved. She quickly finished her meal and stood up, offering a smile before walking away.

BeeBee returned to the hanger, wanting to work alone on Poe's X-Wing. Everything had to be perfect for when they would fly out again. Poe used to come and work beside her but things had changed within the Resistance.

After finishing her work and their third meal, BeeBee returned to their quarters first. She laid back in the lower bunk, writing a hundred ways to tell Poe how she felt but she scrapped all of them. Poe was quiet when he came in, changing and climbing into his bunk. Careful not to wake BeeBee, even if she didn't go to sleep until he had safely returned.

"Goodnight Poe," she said softly. Like she did every night. "Poe. I think I love you." She finally said it, but he was silent, unresponsive. Suddenly, his face peeked down from the top bunk, a grin on his face.

"I know I love you, BeeBee." 

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