Chapter 12 - Entry Point

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A dart flew fast into the wind and pinned onto a dart board. A shriek was heard and then followed by a growl. What came next were soft chuckles.

"Adrianna, you cheat as fuck." an upset Jose grunted and more sympathetic chuckles followed.

Adrianna snorted with her arms crossed. "It's not my fault that you throw like a bitch."

Jose took a swig of his beer. "Fine whatever, it's your turn."

Adrianna picked up her lit cigarette off the ash tray and took a gentle pull. She took a dart from Diego with a grin. Jose lit up his own cigarette as he  watched her aim.

Adrianna looked back at the guys and threw the dart. Jose growled in jealousy when it hit the bull's eye. This prompted Diego and Paulo to laugh hard at him.

"She didn't even have to look at the board." Paulo patted Jose's shoulder mockingly.

"Man fuck you. I want to see either of you guys beat her." Jose retorted only to be laughed at more.

Stephanie joined everyone outside and shielded her eyes from the sunlight. She looked at the guys laughing clumsily. Her face twisted into a cringe at their vulgar language.

Stephanie walked away from them and faced the river. It looked so peaceful and full of life with the green trees along its banks. Paulo glanced at her once and made his way to where Alejandro was. He was in the company of Matt and Mark.

Matt and Alejandro were squatting whereas Mark crossed his legs with his laptop on his lap. Paulo peeped at the screen and turned pale with his eyes stretched in disbelief.

"What the fuck?" he whispered loud enough for Matt and Alejandro to turn their heads to him.

On the screen were several dead bodies of an Amazonian tribe floating in the river. The image of a little girl; who could have been at least four, flashed before the screen. She was missing both her arms and one leg. The body, like the others, was already decomposing. Paulo was horrified to even imagine the scent.

He walked away coughing in order to keep himself from vomiting. His state alarmed Jose and Diego. Jose pulled Adrianna's sleeve and motioned his head up to Paulo.

"What's going on?" Adrianna asked aloud and not only caught Matt's attention but Stephanie's too.

"We are approaching the Evil forest." Matt briefly stated.

Adrianna went over to look at the laptop and her mouth fell agape. "What?"

"Is this the tribe you spoke about back in Rio?" Matt asked Adrianna and she nodded her head in confirmation. "This is live footage that Mark's drones are picking up."

"But how though? This tribe wouldn't be dumb enough to go into the evil forest. They are superstitious." Adrianna remarked confused.

"It's possible that the evil forest has expanded." Alejandro pointed out.

Tension filled the air as the looming thoughts of seeing hell in a few minutes poured in. The sound of a gun getting its safety unlocked forced everyone to snap out of their thoughts and abruptly turn their heads. Their eyes fell on Paulo who positioned a pistol up.

"Might as well be ready for anything." Paulo commented, his eyes full of fear but his posture bold and confident.

"Good idea. Everyone, ready your weapons." Alejandro agreed.


Ruth was curled up into a ball and fast asleep on her soft bed. The sound of the door opening didn't wake her up but she opened her eyes at the click of it closing. She was delighted to see the kind maid who helped her last night.

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