Chapter 25: Forgiveness and Love

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After 5 minutes of walking, you and the gang arrived in front of your house.

Y/n - Before we celebrate, let's upgrade our house first.

Rias - Excuse me, but what do you mean "our house", my lord?

Y/n then playfully and softly smack Rias's head for being so forgetful.

Rias - Owie.... She cutely ached in pain while holding her head.

Y/n - Did you already forgot, Rias? From this day on you, Akeno, Asia and Sona will live with me. Don't you remember?

Rias - I-I-I'm sorry, m-my lord f-for being so f-forgetful. She said while bowing in front of you.

Y/n - It's okay, Rias. Now go buy some construction tools and equipment beside of the convenience store on the right. Sona, can you go with her?

Sona - Fine with me.

Y/n - Great. Here is the money.

You then gave Sona and Rias 10,000 yen.

Rias - W-Wow! H-How did you get this amount of money, my lord? She said amazed.

Y/n - When I first arrived at heaven. God gave me this money for my enrollment in Kuoh Academy but it turns out that Sona here made my enrollment free though I don't know why she did that. So I kept this money all along until you and Sona use this money.

Sona - That's right, Rias.

Rias - I see. Shall we go, Sona?

Sona - Right.

Rias and Sona then made their way to the construction store.

While they are walking, there was an awkward silence until Rias spoke.

Rias - Sorry If I am forgetful but what was the reason again why you want to marry Y/n?

Sona - Oh, the reason is that he beat me in a chess. My mother said that when a man beats me in a chess, that man will marry me whether I like it or not. Luckily, Y/n is a kind and heartwarming person. She said while smiling.

Rias - Ahh. I see. If only I didn't do such horrible things to him like neglecting him when he was about to die then this will not happen. She said sadly while looking down.

Sona then caress her back and she said,

Sona - Don't let the despair and sadness gets you Rias. It's okay. At least Y/n forgave you for what you have done to him and past is past. Just forget about it and move on with your life.

Rias somehow sighed in relief that her friend comforted her.

Rias - Thank you so much, Sona. I needed those words. She said happily.

Sona - Your welcome, Rias. *as she looks above that tells "Construction Store"* Well, here we are. Let's go buy some tools, equipments and necessities for the construction.

Rias - R-Right.

They enter the store.

With Y/n and the rest

Y/n - Hey Akeno, come here for a minute. He said while he open the door of his house and gestured her to come in.

Akeno - Okay.

Akeno's mind - 'Why is Y/n wanted to talk to me? I wonder what is it?'

Akeno then went inside of the house as Y/n said to the others while they are waiting for Rias and Sona.

Y/n - Guys, I'll be right back. I'm gonna talk with Akeno for a minute or two.

Irina - Okay Y/n. Take your time.

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