Ch.2 -Demetrius is Weird-

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September 13th, 2012

I didn’t expect to see Demetrius at my door when I got up this morning but apparently he was. I was minding my own business, about to go walk out the door, when all of a sudden I see him standing there about to knock. Mom suggested that I walk to school with him so he knows where it is and to introduce him to my “friends”. What she doesn’t understand is that kids are cruel to each other and they’ll judge him into oblivion. Believe me, i know. I’ve seen this happen. Last year a gay boy named Fred came out the closet and people excluded and tormented him. It was like the whole school was out to get him.

I just stood there and watched wishing I could do something to help him out, but I knew the consequences so I stood there while my “friends” picked on him. The last time I saw him was when he was walking home. He had two black eyes and bleeding nose. The next day, on the news it said he committed suicide by hanging himself because of all the abuse.

Anyway, when we were walking to school he was dead silent while eating a bag full of Lucky Charms marshmallows. The munching and suspense was killing me. Not one word came out of him. He had this strained look on his face like something was bothering him. Even though I must say he is pretty cute, he is annoyingly silent and I couldn’t wait to get away from him. But I was nice enough to introduce him to my “friends” before leaving him to fend for himself.

When I walked into 1st period while laughing at something Matt said, I saw him sitting in the back eating a chocolate bar that’s when Jared said…

“Ty, this new neighbor of yours is weird.”

“Tell me about it.” I mumbled.

Then the teacher told us to be seated and we went over stuff from last year. Demetrius probably wasn’t paying attention because she called him to the front. But he didn’t say anything. It was weird. She was yelling at him but all he did was eat his chocolate. That was until she snatched it out of his hand, but he pulled out some gummy bears and started eating those. Finally, she made him go sit down. That was the funniest 10 minutes of my life just watching him stare blankly at Ms. Garza while eating. Throughout the day we had all the same  classes, he never said one word to me just stared at me. I guess trying to figure me out.

When we got home I finally had to ask…

“Why don’t you say anything?”

His response was putting a gummy bear in my mouth to shut me up and left. I was stuck there watching him cross the street and walking into his house. The only conclusion I could make was that he is weird.


OH MY GOD! I’m SO MAD RIGHT NOW! Mom invited them to dinner. My Dad was supposed to come home today from a business trip in Japan, when my Mom was probably had a blonde moment *no offence to blondies* and probably was like, “Oh. Let me invite the new neighbors over when my hard working husband wants to come home and just relax. He won’t mind looking professional and spend dinner with a couple of strangers. Not with his family.”

She probably was like that because she came in my room when I was writing in here and said

“Tyler, stop what you’re doing and be presentable. The new neighbors are coming over to eat dinner with us and your father.”

It was out of nowhere. So I put on some khaki pants and  my new sneakers, but she made me fix my hair. So when Dad got home all he did was sit down before Mom told him to fix himself because we were having company. So when they came over my Dad wasn’t in the best mood. There were some silent in the beginning until Dad asked where they were moving from Mr. Alexander answered….

“We moved to the United States from Wales.”


“Yes, Demetrius liked it very much over there. He grew so attached to it but we had to move because Daniel got a job transfer here.”

That was when Demetrius got up and left. I was confused.

“Oh no. Not again.” Mr. Alexander said feeling guilty. “I should go after him.”

“No you shouldn’t, love, he’ll come back.” Mr. Daniel reassured him.

 I decided to leave too because what was the point of staying if I wasn’t needed anymore? So I left the adults to talk. When I got to my room I found him looking through my sketch book, amused. I quickly ran over to him and snatched it out of his hands.

“What are you doing in my room looking at my sketch book?”

He shrugged and I noticed he was eating some candy again.

“What is that your life support or something?”

He raised his eyebrow.

“Why don’t you ever talk?”

He put his finger on his lips telling me to be quiet.

“DON’T TELL ME TO BE QUIET! Get out of my room!”

“Is that how I look to you?”


It was the first time I heard him speak. He did indeed have an accent and a deep voice. Then I understood what he was talking about. I had drawn a picture of him in an anime style. When I didn’t answer him he smiled and left leaving me dumbfounded. I just kept on replaying his voice in my head. It was so uncommon for a 7th grader to have a deep voice. A hot one at that! I just shook it off and began to write in here. It was weird how mysterious he was and how I’m somewhat attracted to him but I can’t let that stop me. I have to stick to the plan. No boys until 9th grade. Get your hormones in check, Tyler! NO MORE THINKING OF DEMETRIUS! Of course that makes me think of him more. ;)

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