Mia's POV

Luke and I were laying in his bed and everything was calm, I mean it was about 3am, but time doesn't really mean anything in this house. Tanya and Mel went back next door, Calum is back home and he"s with Ash and Michael in the game room cuz "they're not tired" and "they're men, they can handle being up at 3am"

"You know Josh can't get away with this." Luke said and I couldn't agree more.

"I know, but let's worry about getting that idiot back tomorrow, I'm tired." I said and cuddled up to Luke. With that, I fell asleep in Luke's arms.

THE NEXT DAY (well technically the same day, but whatever) NOVEMBER 1ST 10AM

Luke's POV

I've been up for two hours now and I'm still very angry! I woke up to Mia's phone ringing, meaning she has a text message. I checked the message and it was from Josh and it read

call me if you want your little friend to stay out of jail. love josh ;)

I can't believe him! How dare he bring Mia into this, after all he's put her through. That's it, after all he's put her through... i know what to do! I put on my shoes and grabbed Mia's keys (because I found those first). I drove to the police station with a motive and a question. When I got there, I found a police officer and explained everything that Josh has done to us over the past few months and I asked him if he could follow Mia and Josh on a date tonight. (i know that's what Josh wants from her)

"I don't know son, are you sure all of these accusations are true?" The officer asked.

"Of course they are sir, I wouldn't lie to you, and I'll even have someone back my story, plus Josh should be on file, he's been arrested before." I pointed out.

"Let me go check his file, if he has a record, I don't need anyone to back your story, I'll believe you." The officer said and went to the back to look up Josh's file.

He came back out about five minutes later and said he would follow Mia and Josh around and arrest Josh when Mia gave the signal. I thanked him and drove home to tell Mia the plan. Josh isn't getting away this time.

"So you want me to go on a date with Josh tonight?" Mia asked in disbelief when I told her the plan.

"Yes, but don't let him kiss you or anything like that." I said starting to xsecond guess my plan of letting Josh be alone with Mia.

"I would never let him kiss me, I love you, duh." MIa said and kissed me. This girl is seriously the best.

Mia's POV

Everyone knows about the plan now (the guys, tanya, monse, mia) and I'm really nervous. I've had some not so good moments when being alone with Josh. The only thing that makes me want to do this is seeing Josh's face when the police take him away.

Speaking of Josh, I need to call him, Luke says that calling him will make this whole thing seem more real. I've decided to flirt with him and lead him on so he will actually hink I want to be on the date, this will be hard considering I hate him. I guess I better get this over with.

ring, ring, ring


"Oh hey Josh"

"So glad you called, what's up babe?"

"Oh not much. Are you busy tonight?"

"Oh um no, why?" He sounded surprised at my question and that I didn't yell at him for calling me babe.

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