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" Pass!  " Lisa got Jisoo attention.

Jisoo then obliged and pass the ball to her.  Lisa stop her track in a thre point line and jump as she release the ball.

Just in time the referee whistled.

" Counted " They are leading a two number difference, whis is not a surprise since Lisa is good player.

Jennie is watching Lisa dreamingly at the bench.  She waits for Lisa every afternoon during her practice.

" That was a nice shot " she said with her gummy smile.

" That was for you " Lisa winked that made Jennie blush.

" Are you not tired playing Lili? " Jennie ask.

" Nope,  it's surprisingly fun " she said as she drink the water handed by Jennie to her.

She gulp it as her sweat flows on her neck.
Jennie on the other side was fantasizing her girl,  she's staring at Lisa fir a long time.

" Here " she's back in realty after Lisa offer her a towel.

" What's this for? " she asked confused.

" It's either you wipe my sweat away or your saliva. Stop drooling over me " Lisa said with no emotion.

Jennie then wipe the side of her mouth,  then after realizing what Lisa just said,  she throw the towel to Lisa's face.

" You're so full of yourself!  " she walk out and go to Jisoo to check her friend.

Lisa followed Jennie's back.  She frown as Jennie gave a water bottle to Jisoo. She knows they are just friends amd Jennie likes her but...

Something bad is stirring inside her.

Without thinking she jog her way to Jennie and pulled Jennie's hand.

" Yah!  Let go of me!  " Jennie was surprised with Lisa's sudden behavior.

" Let's go home " she said blankly.

Jisoo feels like teasing Lisa,  it is so obvious that she's being jealous all over Jennie.

Jisoo being Jisoo, she go near Jennie and kiss her cheek.  " It's okay Jenduekie!  I'll call you later and I'll see you tomorrow.  We camn have lunch if you wnat to.  Besides I miss spending time with you " she smiled sweetly which made Jennie blush.

Jisoo is not that affectionate that's why Jennie appreciates it so much.

" I will,  see you tomorrow— " she wasn't able to finish what she was about to say when Lisa pulled her harshly.

They are now walking going to the parking lot when Yu bi came across them.

" Lisa— "

" Not now Yu bi. Sorry " they pass the girl who is confuse.

Lisa opened her car for Jennie,  the elder then seat comfortably still wondering what's gotten with Lisa.

" Hey— what's your problem? " Jennie questioning Lisa.

" What's between you and Jisoo? " this girl really doesn't know the word filter.

" Why are you saking me that?  Isn't it obviou?  We're friends! " Jennie find it childish

" Then why did she kissed you? " Lisa ask in a calm but intimidating tone.

" That's what friends usually do!  "

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