Wake up

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"What?" I asked
"Wake up Nigga!"

I opened my eyes it was all just a dream everything was just a dream I never punched nobody still never fucked Billie once I didn't cheat on her it was just a dream...

"You're finally up Nigga you left your sore unlock so I came in" Prince said
"Bitch what's wrong with you" I said kinda mad he just walked in like that

"Bruh relax you out here acting like ion ever do shit like dis" I looked at him like he was dumb
"So what are you tryna do today?"
"Fham lets just cool it at the studio" i told prince
"Bruh Billie is finna be back from tour doe..."

"Oh fuck you right shit I had the weirdest dream"
"Oh yeah what was it now?" Prince said sarcastically
"Nigga I was in like I don't even know but shit felt weird I fucked Billie..."

"Shit I'm listening!"
"Ew nigga why you so fuckin inna"
"Bitch shut you ass up just tell me yo wack ass dream"


"Damn so like you almost had a threesome?" Prince asked
"Nah but like it wasn't like that though like she was seeking revenge so it was supposed to be like bad I guess" I shrug my shoulders

"Damn anyways come on let's go pick Billie up"
"Wait what are we finna do?"
"Let's cool it here I'll call up a baddie and we can make it like a double date ting or... an orgy"

"Shut the fuck up fham"
I hopped into the shower real quick and threw on clothes and grabbed my keys

"Come on Fham lets go" I said
Prince went live while I was driving
"Yo you talk the most when you ain't on camera yo" I said

"What that's crazy talk I never talk" he said
"Yeo where are y'all going?" He reads off his live
Prince laughs

"Yeah what he said" he smiles at his phone
"Billie says hi" he looks at me and turns the phone to me
"Hi Billie" I say softly

About 15 minutes later we pull up in her neighbor hood
"So after this we gon pick up Nichole and go get food and go to your crib right?"
"Yea I don't care"

I pull up in her driveway and get out the car but Prince insisted to stay

As I walk to her door she opens the door
"Que!" She runs to me arms open
She jumped and hugged me
"Hey mamas so we finna pick up Nichole and go to like I don't know like Taco Bell or sum then go to my crib."

"Okay lemme put pepper back inside she grabs peppers caller bending over a little"
"You look so fine" is all I could think to myself
"Thank you" she giggled grabbing my hand and lead me to the car

I said that out loud what the fuck?

"Prince move you fat ass outta my seat" she yelled to prince
"Damn bil I'm moving"
"Ahhhh that's why you didn't wanna leave the car" I laughed

"Yup" he looked at me while getting out
Billie hopped in the passengers side and prince sat behind her

I pull out of the driveway and headed to Nichole's house
"So mamas how was tour"
"Good but I'm bruising my legs from jumping though"
"Mamas relax"

"Soon it'll be your knees" Prince laughs
"Yeo shut the fuck up" Billie laughs at what prince says

We then pull up to Nichole's house and she hops in and we then head to Taco Bell

"So are you paying for it que?" Prince asked
"For what?"
"Our food stupid" he laughs
"Nigga really?" I look at him through the rear view mirror

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