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It was a long weekend for Kaycee. A long weekend of no communication with him; from either side. Neither tried to reach out and instead stayed completely silent. Kaycee contemplated calling several times and she was sure Sean felt the same way, but neither acted on their feelings.

By Monday, Kaycee was up early to shower and get ready for class. She wore the same thing she wore everyday — leggings and a hoodie. His hoodie. Saying goodbye to her parents, she picked up her book bag and headed out the door. Her head stayed down until she reached her car. Her head jerked up as she noticed a car next to hers, and a quiet Sean standing outside of it.

"What are you doing?" she asked, crossing her arms.

He shrugged. "We promised to carpool, it's my day," he said, bluntly. "Let's go."

Kaycee hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing. She didn't want to drive anyways.

The entire car ride was silent. Music playing from his phone was the only noise the entire time. She often considered speaking up, but quickly shut out the thought anytime she looked at him.

He missed touching her. He missed calling her beautiful the second she walked outside. Both of them wanted everything to be normal again but neither of them were acting on it — still.

Once arrived at the college, Sean pulled into the spot and parked. Kaycee didn't wait a second before she grabbed her bag, opened the door and shut it as soon as she got out. It frustrated Sean that it ended up like this, he wanted to fix it.

Instead, he got out and walked in the other direction, heading to class as usual.

Kaycee sat down, this time in the back of the class. It wasn't usually something she would do — she liked being near the front where she could pay attention, but today her mind wandered elsewhere. She sat by a group of girls she recognized from one of Jonathan's parties.

The professor began with her lecture, but Kaycee couldn't help but be distracted by the group of girls.

"You get any at that party Saturday night, Jess?" One of them asked the other. Kaycee was only partially listening; but she was definitely interested.

The other girl, Jess, shook her head. "No, but I had my eye on someone."


Jess smiled, "You know that boy, Sean Lew, right?"

Kaycee's head lifted in shock, now averting all of her attention to the girls. She sat behind them, so listening without them knowing came easy.

"God, I wanna do so many things to him." Jess repeated herself, going on about his looks. "He was plastered and stayed with a close group of guys, so I ended up not getting a chance to talk to him," she said, "But that boy..." she trailed off, resting her head on her hand. "He can get it any day."

"He's a really famous dancer, you know that, right?" One of the girls said with excitement, immediately showing her his instagram page. "Like, crazy famous."

"I know," Jess responded. "Dancers are sexy as hell."

Kaycee's frustration grew the more she spoke about him. If only she knew. Out of pure spite, she imagined what would happened if she interrupted them. Good luck, he's mine. She nearly had to force herself to not say anything, and instead, just listened. They changed the subject soon after, but Kaycee couldn't stop thinking about what they had said.

Why did he go to a party this weekend? To piss her off?

Class went by faster than usual, and by the end of it her stomach hurt from the nerves. She slowly walked out of the building, refusing to walk any faster so she had more time to think. After an extra five minutes added to the walk she finally made it to the car. He stood outside of it again, waiting for her as he usually does. Kaycee walked up to him and gave a half smile, trying to help the tension between them.

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