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The next day,,

Chan began to wake up first as the alarm ringing loudly beside his ear. Chan is a light sleep person that easily woke up. He look under him and admired the person. Kim Woojin. Who coldly and harshly threat him then suddenly changed to a Mr Softie and kind man. Its really make Chan soft and develop his feelings towards his Woojin oppa.

Then he slowly lift his body up not wanting to awake his boyfriend up. He succescly get rid of him and make a way to the holly cow big, BiG kitchen.

Before he go to the kitchen ofcourse he wearing his clothes from yesterday, he didnt feel shy tho even he just wearing a simple flowery white lace boxer that show his back privat part which mean his expose aussie booty, the over sized pyjamas that Woojin gave him already cover his exposed ass, so he dont mind.

At the kitchen,,,

He then look up at the sink and saw Nanny Jiyu wash up the vegitables carefully. Then he make his way to Nanny Jiyu to have a conversation.

"GOOD MORNING NANNY!!" Chan shout like a 5 years old kids. He is so happy today.

"OWHH CHANIE GOOD MORNING!! how is your day today?" Nanny Jiyu ask while smiling.


"Owh thats good, i know he likes you, cause he never threat people so nicely."

"Chanie really happy that Woojin oppa changed for chanie, hope this manners stay longer, amen," Chan said while crossing his finger and close his eyes tight.

"Chanie? Please stay with my grandchild okay, Woojin always so cruel toward his employer but after you, Chanie, work there he really changed, i really hope that he will stay like this" Nanny said while holding Chans hand.

"Chanie pleasure nanny~ by the way, where is Seungmin and Hyunjin? Today is weekend he dont have school today right?"

"Owh he probly still sleeping with his boyfriend at his room, later after breakfirst already done i will call them both, dont worry," Nanny Jiyu said.

"Okay then,,, can Chanie help you nanny? Can Chanie cook pasta? Owh but what are nanny going to cook?" Chan ask innocently.

"Nanny want to make a spicy kimchi and lamb curry~ Woojin love it, what pasta Chanie want to cook?"

"Its sound delicous, Chanie planning to make a Chicken Carbonara Macaronie with a lot of cheese without Woojin oppa knowing that Chanie is cooking."

"Nanny have an idea!! Why dont you cook it now, dont worry all ingrediants already here, nanny want to know what will Woojin react after testing Chanie cook, so you just need to act like nothing okay?"


Break first time,,

"Nanny you look tired just let me called Seungmin and Hyunjin, after that Chanie will wake up Woojin oppa, nanny just rest okay?"

"Okay Chanie and Seungmin room is there,"

"Got it"

Chan p.o.v

I slowly walk towards Seungmin room and i knock it,

"Minnie breakfirst is ready comeon eat~"

"Okay wait a minute, we will!" He shout. Then i make my way to Woojin oppa room. I just entered the room naturaly since Woojin oppa is Chanie boyfriend. Woojin oppa still sleep peacfully.

"Woojin oppa? Wake up break
first is already done, come on wake up~"

"Mmh please let me sleep~"

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