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"I'm gonna push aside
The things I used to do
Because I'm hanging up my
Heart for you just for you"

Random fact: Solomon Burke is one of my favourite artists and the way he belts this song out ruins me.


"So your dad is gonna come stay the night when he gets back from Carolina on Wednesday? Then  he goes back to Australia?" Harry asks from his seat next to me on the plane.

Thank God we have the row to ourselves, at least something has gone right today.

I'm still getting over the embarrassment from when we checked out and the man behind the desk said 'glad to see you survived' as we were leaving.

Harry thought it was hilarious.

"Yeah so you get to experience my dad's bullshit  sense of humour for another 24 hours. Sorry about that" I sigh, shifting in my seat to get comfortable.

Harry tries to hide his smirk, over the fact I've been shuffling around since we sat down.

I'm bloody sore you ass, it's all big foots fault.

I need a recovery period.

"I actually really like your dad, I'm excited to see him again" Harry lifts up the arm rest between us, and takes my hand to rest it in his lap and toy with my fingers.

My heart swells but I hide the resction on my face at the mention of Harrys like for my father, something like that shouldn't be such  a big thing for me but considering I had 8 years of my partner hating his guts and visa versa; it's such a nice opposite feeling with him.

"He does scare the shit out of me though" Harry adds with a serious look, and I let out a loud sharp laugh pinching  my eyes shut.

"He has a habit of doing that to people" I look back to Harry to see his face lit up as he watches mine, and he leans forward stealing a chaste kiss and relaxed back against his seat.

"Can I ask you something?" I look to him with my brows pinched together and Harry just gives me a lazy nod.

"You know that Carolina isn't a place right? Like north Carolina isn't just a part of Carolina? There's north and south. They're different states."

I've been  meaning to ask Harry this the couple times he's mentioned it but didn't know if he was just doing some weird British generalizing or something. I never knew why he referred to it as just Carolina.

Harrys brows drop in confusion "Are you serious? But when I spoke to Finn he said... He acted like it was one place, I don't know much about American geography... I just assumed..."

He trails off and starts to look sheepish as I give him a flat look "He was fucking with you Harry. He did it on purpose. He did the same thing with me when I first moved here"

The little shit.

He had me convinced for so long that New Mexico was called that because they literally wanted it to be a New Mexico.

It wasn't till after a couple months in school here I realised all the shit he made up.

Let's not even talk about the time I thought buffalo wings actually came from buffalos.

Or ranch dressing was called that because it was invented by a man named Ranch.

I was a gullible kid. And Finn was and still is a bloody dick.

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