Chapter 18

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As the two started to bicker, [Y/N] let out a dejected sigh before giving the two gems a deadpanned look. "Honestly.." She trailed off softly, their bickering was put to a stop when the three gems saw Kongo walking towards them.

Antarc being the solder-ish kind of gem, he quickly stood upright and the [H/C] gem quickly followed his example. Apparently it has become a habit of her to do so. Phos only let his signature groan when Sensei told him to go back to the white tent to start hibernation.

"Is he always like this?" Antarc then ask as he saw Phos literally went down on his knees and begged Sensei to let him skip hibernation.

The female gem can only nod in response, "I have to deal with him almost everyday," She replied. [Y/N] swore she heard the sound of a gem getting chipped and soon enough Antarc was on the floor, gathering silvery white pieces of himself that fell from his forehead.

After a while of Phos begging, Kongo sighed and finally with a wave of his hand he sent peppermint coloured gem on a duty with none other than his two winter gems. Of course Antarc refused to work with the younger gem despite Phos bragging about his higher Mohs Scale by just 0,5. The silver haired gem was literally grateful for having loads of patience to deal with idiots.

The three gems now found themselves hiking through the snow covered hills, [Y/N] who was in the front of the line, occasionally glance back to see if Phos is keeping up. She shouldn't worry that much for Antarc is right behind Phos... No wait, she should be worried!

Who knows Antarcticite might just accidently stepped on Phos and his sharp (fabulous) heels stab the poor peppermint gem in the process and then the thick snow will muffle Phos's cries of help and then--

"[Y/N]! Quit daydreaming!" Antarc yelled as he held the female gem by the scruff of her high collar winter uniform. "You could've broke yourself you idiot," Antarc said as he pointed to the direction of where [Y/N] was walking to, which is a cliff.

"I know now why Sensei told us gems to each have a pair.." [Y/N] muttered under her breath as Antarc dragged her away from the icy white cliff.

The day went tiring as usual, even mor tiring for Antarcticite as he was forced to listen to Phos's constant signature grunting sounds as he tried to cut the thick ice. The silver haired gem simply assigned [Y/N] to take care and teach the young one how to deal with the loud ice floes.

He simply can't make himself teach the young peppermint coloured gem for he is.. Annoying, Phos might as well have been thrown away to the cliff by him. [Y/N] on the other hand is perfectly fine handling the youngest gem, it is because she have to deal with him in almost every single day.

But you know what ticks Antarc the most? Is the fact that Phos uses his 'charm' and of course the [H/C] coloured gem to protect himself from his scolding, he hates the way Phos clings to his partner.

Antarc is a simple gem, he just simply hates Phos. Though he can't possibly do much, but Phos did his best to stay out of Antarc's destructive ways of destroying the ice floes which Antarc was slightly grateful for, after all he didn't mind if he accidently sliced the peppermint gem in half.

The day ended fairly quickly, the sun sets earlier for it is winter and the moon quickly replaces it's position in the night sky. The day ended with [Y/N] having to treat Phos's crack in his forehead while Antarc is watching closely at him beside her.

The death stare that Antarc has been giving him all day makes Phos wanted to crawl back to the big comfy white tent. Seriously, if looks could kill, Phos would be dead right now.

"You know.. it's rude to stare," Phos finally said as he looked at Antarc with a deadpanned look. The winter gem was not fazed by the younger one's remark, he instead just kept silent but divert his deathly gaze somewhere. He decided to death glare the innocent jellyfish in the bowl of water.

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