*Madison's Pov*

We are on our way to LA. Turns out Cameron lives near LA, so we will be able to see eachother! Yes!

I finished putting all my stuff away and I walked down. Everybody was there; Nash, Hayes, Jason, Jace, and I got in my jeep. We drove to the airport after signing the papers for my jeep to be shipped back to LA.

I started walking towards Starbucks because obviously Hayes, being the white girl he is, probably dragged everybody there.

I walked in and spotted everybody in a corner. Oh yeah. Did I tell you that Cameron is taking Slut back to LA. Yes, I did just name her Slut.

I sat on Hayes' lap and Hayes got glares from Taylor, Carter, and Cameron. Damn, thirsty boys. I stood up. "I'm going to go get my boyfriend." I stated and walking towards the cashier.

I ordered a strawberry smoothie. I paid and walked back. When I reached the table I sat on Hayes' lap and drank my smoothie.

"Benjamin, call your mother and tell her you and Nash are flying to LA." I told Hayes.

"Wait, there's a problem." Nash said and I turned to him. "What?" I asked, placing my Starbucks on the table.

"I don't think there is seats left on the plane."

"Dude, you do know we're flying first class right?" I asked him with a slight chuckle.

I got off Hayes' lap and pulled him up. I told him to follow me to the entrance."Whats up?" Hayes asked me when we reached our designated spot. "Call your mom. You can't call her over there," I said, pointing at the table.

"Why not?" Hayes asked me, confused.

"You don't know why I left North Carolina, do you?" I sighed, asking him. He shook his head in response. I quietly told him that the guys bullied me.

He was mad at first but I managed to calm him down. "Ok, I'll call her." Hayes sighed.

He called her and he started asking her if he could go to LA. She asked where he would stay and he said with me. I had to talk to her and she was so excited to hear about me. She let them fly to LA with me. We walked back to the guys.

"Nash you are flying to LA!" I told Nash, excitedly. Mahogany took her phone out and yelled selfie.

We posed and I was on Hayes' lap, again.

She posted it on Twitter and my phone started vibrating repeatedly since I had it on vibrate mode. It was Twitter notifications. All of them. They were all tweets. I started reading some out loud.

"@JasmineGrier says 'OMG! MADISON IS SITITNG ON HAYES' LAP! that should be me! Hayes doesnt even follow me." I read, and slightly chuckled at the end.

"Hayes follow her!" Nash told him. Hayes followed the girl and I continued reading.

"@CamandMadison says 'Cameron should just break up with Brianna! Can't he see that shes a piece of shit and Madison is like perfect! Brianna is like a rock and Madison is a diamond'.." I read, slowly reading the tweet towards the end and ended up whispering half of the tweet.

"Next," I muttered, scrolling down.

"@MariaJ says 'Awe! Hayes and Madison are cute! Though she's like 4 years older than him!'" I laughed a bit, looking at Hayes then back at the screen.

"We are cute!" Hayes said, kissing my cheek.

"Praise, bitch, praise." I replied, scrolling and switching tweet."@HannahJanice says' Im i the only one that doesnt know who to ship Madison with because shes like perfect with everybody?" I read out loud the last tweet then closing the Twitter app then turning the phone off.

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