Pt 22 (Lime)

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Aaron pov

*Cassie touches Aaron's large chest scar as the sexual tension get harder and harder.*

Cass: How'd you get this?

Aaron: I got it from protecting someone.

Cass: Who?

*Cass kisses Aaron but midway as Aaron tries to take her shirt off and the kiss becomes more sexual she realize that what's she doing is wrong.*

Cass: Get off me.

Aaron: What?


Aaron: *Stops* is it something i did?

Cass: No you was good, It's just that i didn't feel right doing this, Go talk to your friend Aaron.

Aaron: Why?

Cass: One petite argument shouldn't break a strong bond.

Aaron: Thanks. *He leans in for a kiss and doesn't get it.* Oh yeah my bad.

Cass: You're okay. *Thinks* Be a better person than we think.

*As Aaron runs out the hotel he hops into his car wade, ruby and some soldiers tries to stops him.*

Wade: I can't let you go.

Aaron: Why are you doing this?

Wade: Because it's our destiny.

Aaron: That's why,

Wade: ?

Aaron: That's why you killed me,that's why your trying to stop me, You're blindly following a dumb cause.

Wade: This is for the fate of our world, You can't imagine what the end goal can do to change this corrupted world.

Aaron: I agree that this world's corrupted. Hell death was the better choice for me. But you don't have to follow a dumb bet.

Ruby: Aaron?

Aaron: Ruby?

Ruby: Where's selene?

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Ruby: Where's selene?

Aaron: That's why i'm here trying to get her. Look we can fight later and we can settle are differences, you already know living isn't something i want.

*Wade see's kid Aaron and decides to kill all of the soldiers.*

Aaron: Thanks, But why?

Wade: Because there's a broken man and child and you need help.

*Aaron leaves to Selene's location and he sees Troy, Tyler and Aria looking at the moon and talking to each other. And Aria whispers something into selene's ear and then selene nods and kisses troy but Aaron intervene.*

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