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Lisa POV
It's been past 2yrs when I got accident, I didn't look for Jennie now because my mom help me to forget about her.

My mom recommended me some good girls, and I refuse all of it.

I sign the divorce paper and fed it to her useless father. Our company grow bigger and all of my shares at Kim Ind. I took all of it and Kim Ind. go down. They become failure in their history.

Today I have a business to an famous hospital in New Zealand, I want to buy that hospital.

When I got here now, I went to Wellington hospital. And I meet the all of the Doctors.

Jennie POV
There's a rich business woman came, and she want to buy Wellington Hospital.

When I saw who is it, it's Lisa, and she just look at me. I think she's already forget me.

~Time Skipped~

The Wellington Hospital is already sold by Lisa, and she's now the new Owner of it.

"Hey Chief Kim, you know that the new owner is too hottt." Nayeon said.

"Of course, coz she's my ex." I said and she look at me.

"Impossible." she said and laugh.

I pick our wedding picture and I throw it to her face.

"Tell me, its impossible huh?." I said and she look amaze.

"Why did you divorce her??" she asked.

"None of your business." I said and I grab our picture and I put It in my desk.

Then I saw Mr. Kim came at my office, he looks like a maniac.

"Do yo-" he got cut off when someone tap his shoulder.

"Who the fuck are you!" he yelled and he got shock when he saw Lisa.

"I'm your boss, your fired." she straightly said.

"What?, I ne-"

"Get out of my hospital." she said and her bodyguards kick his ass off the hospital.

Then she looked at me.

"Long Time no see, Ex." she said and smirk.

"Are you following me?" I said.

"In your dreams." she said.

"BTW, I didn't know that you came here in this hospital to flirt some doctors with ranks..." he said, that's make me hurt.

".... And your family is getting poor now, because of bankruptcy company, failure family." she said while tapping my shoulder.

Then she left me speechless.

I pick my phone and I call my mom.

" Mom?. "I said

" Oh, I'm glad that you call at us sweetie. "she said.

" Mom, are you okay there?. "I said.

" Yes, our company is getting down now. " she said.

" Mom, go here in New Zealand. "I said.

" I can't leave your dad. "she said.

" Mom, he disowned me why don't you divorce him."i said and my mom ended the call.

Damn it, she ended it.

I went to Lisa's office and she looked at me.

"Why are here?" she said while smirking. And she's playing a mini knife with an apple.

"Why are you doing this to me!." I yelled.

"Huh?" she said.

"Just tell me" I said and my tears want to fall.

"Crying baby tss, get out of my office I hate crying baby." she said but I didn't get out.

"Why are making things hard for me Lisa, I didn't do something bad on you." I said.

"Huh? Are you making me laugh huh?, you fucking hurt my feeling Jennie, and now your telling me that you didn't do something bad on me? Huh funny!" she said.

"So tell me huh, give me a reason why did you leave me!" she yelled.

"See, you can't tell on me coz your a coward! You give up on me because of your father want right? Selfish!, you didn't even know what hard is this for me, you just make me look fool into my eyes."she said and she push me to the wall.

"I will give all of the pain you gave to me, you will be an failure too like you father." he whispered on me and left.

I cry again and I kneel down.


"I'm sorry Lisa." I said.


680 words.

(A/N: Don't touch me I'm cryin')

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