"She never wanted to lose your fucking ass but you see what you're doing right now!?! Yeah that's a problem so stop fucking drinking and talk to her she's not a girl who you can get over." Gawa added

"Mhm Imma lay down for a sec." I closed my eyes and layer on my bed

"Alright then Que fuck you imma go back home and see Nikita" he said leaving my hotel room
"Mannnn you is better than this" prince followed Gawa out the door


The next morning I woke up and it was already 4:30pm

I had a headache so I took some Advil
I looked at my phone and saw messages from Prince and Billie

"Huh?" I said outta confusion of Billie messaging me

Billie: before I leave I needed to talk to you one more time
Billie: meet me at my hotel at 9:30pm

I texted back and told her I was sorry and she left me in read

I hopped into my shower and moisturize my ashy skin

I then went out and bought some refried beans and flowers to try to make her feel I bit better.

I sat and watched tv for a little bit and then headed out to her hotel

I knocked on her door waiting for her to open
Billie answered the doors but she was in crutches

"Hey" I said to her looking her in the eyes
She ignored me but moved A side to let me enter
I walked in and put the flowers on her bed and past her the beans

"Pfft thanks" she giggled and then got serious
"Could you sit on my bed please?" She looked serious
"Uhhh yea okay..." I noticed something was off which I could understand why

I sat on the bed

"Billie I know-"
"Shut up Brandon" she crutches over to me and sat next to her

She leans in to kiss me

But then swerved my face and put my hand against the bed frame and cuffed me

"Billie what the fuck" she got up and looked at me
"You can come out now" she yells
I was thinking she was about to kill me and I was kinda scared

A girl walks out of the bathroom
"This is Octava" Billie says
"Okay.... hi"I look at her confused
"So Brandon you fucked another bitch two days ago right?"

"Billie no I'm-"
"Mhhhmmm okay well you gonna watch me and Octavia" she says as she grabs onto her throat sticking her tongue out pressing it against each other then she slowly enters Octavia's mouth

"Billie what the fuck are you doing" I go to move her away but my arm was stuck

"What? I'm just having a little fun." She giggles
"Dude stop please you don't even like girls"
"I'm experimenting" she smiles

Octavia slowly moves her hands down Billies pants
Billie opens her eyes and looks at me
"Uhhhh" she let out a loud moan

I can't deny it was hot to see her with another girl but I still didn't like the fact she was doing shit to someone else

"For fuck sakes stop okay I get it!" I raised my voice
"I'll fucking leave if you never want to see me again"
"Just please don't make me watch this" I said looking at her

"Why not you had your fun and now let me have mine" she smiles

She lumps over to me I was sitting upwards against the wall and she sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck and bit her lip

I went to grab her waist but she rolled off of me and laid right next to me

Octavia climbed on top of Billie and stared to grind on her I turned the other way but Billie started to moan loudly

"Oh Brandon" she moaned and I looked over to see billie being eaten out by her

Octavia's POV
I took off my pants and pulled Billies pants off completely and I lifted her leg up and stuck my legs in between hers and started grinding back and forth
We both started to moan as our pussies ribbed together I realized that, that guy wasn't watching so I grabbed his face and pushed it towards us. Billie was so hot and I was about to cum move my body off of her inserting my fingers inside of her and I stared to lick her clit

"Yo okay relax please" I looked at him and couldn't help but touch myself they were both so hot with my other hand I started to finger myself putting 2 fingers inside of me.

Billie's POV

I didn't like the way she was looking at him this was supposed to be revenge
Octavia started to lick in between my folds licking all around making me want to cum I could tell Que was turned on because he was watching my every move but I could also tell he was upset which is just what I wanted I could feel myself wanting to give in and cum

I close my eyes and tilt my head back breathing deeply

"Mmmm Brandon I- I wish you could feel this" I said reaching for him he moved his body away from my hand

I could feel myself cumming

"Mmm" I moaned out loud

Que's POV

I can't lie this was so hot but I was also pissed off I wanted to be involved but I guess this shit was for revenge Billie came causing her body to grind on the girls face

Billies moans where so sexy and that Octavia girl was also sexy Octavia came right after Billie

"Are you mad?" Billie asked

I just looked at her in disbelief Billie stuck her fingers inside of her and pulled them out and moved to me
She stuck her fingers inside my mouth and then quickly took them out

"I guess we're done now" she said
"You are" I ask her
"No Brandon."
"We are" she points at me and her

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