You did me wrong

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I close my eyes and covered my face

"BRANDON! WHO- why would you do this to me" she cried
"I fucking loved you" I got up
"You know I've been in a toxic relationship before why-" she looks down and whips her face

"Billie I know I fuck-"
"No Brandon you don't fucking understand what you fucking did!" She raises her voice
"I FUCKING LOVED YOU!" She tried to stand up but fell to the floor and sat there

I bend down to pick her up
"Don't fucking touch me!" She swats me away
"So what was so good about her. Why the fuck did you fuck me?" I stared at her biting my cheek

"Really your to much of a pussy to talk?" She grabs onto the bed and tried pulling herself up but fell back down so I picked her up

"I said don't fucking touch me" she slapped my face
I just looked right passed her
"Billie technically we're not fucking together!" I said out of anger

"What?" She said with more tears filling her eyes
"Nigga I aight even supposed to be with you. And- and your fucking manger, he fucking hates me and your still a fucking child." I yelled

" i'm not trying to play the victim card but I told you in the first place I'm not a good guy"

" but that doesn't mean I don't love you because if anything I don't even remember what happened last night because I was too upset I drink a whole bottle of Hennessy bruh" I looked in her eyes and licked my lips not in a sexual way

" i've only loved two other girls that's my mama and my sister bruh. I never deliberately try to hurt you and I'm sorry I did."

" and I couldn't tell you what happened because I was scared this was gonna happen but I shoulda just flat out told you. I'm so fucking sorry Billie...." my eyes tear up

" I fucking hate you." Billie said crying
"no, no you don't mean that mamas"
"Yes I do I gave you my all and you're gonna go fuck some whore" she extends her arm out
" I know this won't make you feel better but I didn't fuck her"

"Bull fucking shit" she yells
"No... I'm serious But she-"
"I don't fucking care Brandon"
"Just go!"
"I hate you!"

"Billie-" I looked at her and then the floor
"I didn't mean for this to happen"
"I should of fucked that guy at the party" I froze and looked at her

I nodded lightly
" yeah maybe you should've" I turned around and walked out

"FUCK!" I yelled down the hall throwing my hat


I got back to my room and called Gawa and Prince

"Yo man stop fucking drinking that shit" he grabbed the bottle of Hennessy from my hand

I laughed and shook my head

"She really should've fucked him man." I said look into space
"Shut up man you don't mean that" prince said

"Bruh like I can't cap your a complete fucking asshole for what you did but you gotta talk to her"

"ABOUT WHAT PRINCE?!?" I yelled Mekong them jump

"She fucking hates me now"
"And I don't blame her"

"Okay stop being like this aight, fucking talk to Billie, cause she was your girl and our friend, understand? yeah she might fucking hate you and never wanna talk to you but I think you forgot she was in love with you" Gawa said

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