Chapter 110: Wedding Bella

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Dean smirked, "I can't help it."

I grabbed his hand, "Let's go congratulate them."

I led the way as we walked back to where Daniel and Brie were surrounded by people. We waited hand in hand until they were pretty much free.

I hugged Daniel first, "Congrats."

"Thank you," Daniel kissed my cheek.

Dean stepped forward and patted Daniel's shoulder, "Told you she would say yes."

I went over to Brie, "Your vows were so beautiful."

Sadly, we weren't able to talk for long. Instead, Dean and I started walking towards where the after party was. We were one of the first ones there.

We sat on my families side and were soon joined by Charlotte and Zach.

"Wasn't the wedding beautiful," Charlotte said dreamingly, "I bet the food will be even more beautiful."

I snorted, "Obviously."

Charlotte and I laughed at this.

"You and your food," Dean muttered as he grabbed a nearby glass jug, "Wheres the champagne?"

Mom and Dad walked over. Mom sat next to Dean as Dad settled next to her.

"Did you enjoy the wedding, mom?" I asked.

"It was beautiful," Mom said.

Soon, everyone was piling in. My cousin Jared and his wife Jamie came to sit next to us. Dean got his wishes answered and they started pouring some glasses of champagne.

Everyone was told to quiet down. Daniel and Brie had arrived.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr and Mrs. Daniel Bryan!"

I clapped as Daniel and Brie walked in, Brie's arm looped in Daniel's. They rushed over to their table and sat where they had their own small table.

Nikki stood up and walked to the front. Nikki accepted a microphone from the DJ and turned to the crowd, "For those of you who don't know, I'm Brianna's twin sister Nicole. I just wanted to thank everyone for coming. Brie we've been dreaming about this moment ever since we were little girls and I'm so happy that the moment has finally come. Daniel, I am so happy to call you a brother and you and Brie are truly made for each other and I'm so happy for both of you," Nikki grabbed her glass of champagne and held it up, "So lets say cheers to the beautiful bride and groom who will last an eternity."

"Cheers!" I said with everyone else as I drank from it.

A waiter gave Daniel and Brie there food before they started serving the guest. A plate of chicken, potatoes, and coleslaw was put in front of me.

"Finally!" Charlotte breathed out as she started eating.

I took my fork and started digging in.

We were all done eating when the DJ told Daniel and Brie to head to the dance floor.

That's when Daniel and Brie shared their first dance. Afterwards, others were told they could join them. I grabbed Dean's hand right away and dragged him over.

It was one of the funniest times I've ever had. Everyone was having such a great time.

We all created a circle as Daniel danced in the center. I whistled as Brie switched places with him and started spinning.

"My turn!" Charlotte ran in. Brie laughed and backed off as Charlotte started jumping up and down and shaking her hips. I laughed out loud as she started to do a wave move.

Charlotte ran over and grabbed my hands, "Your turn!"

"No way!" I yelled.

Charlotte pulled me into the center before retreating to stand in between Zach and Dean.

"Gabby! Gabby!" Charlotte started shouting as I glared at her.

I sighed before I started doing a moon walk, getting a lot of cheers. I put my arms out at Charlotte.

Dean walked to stand by me and pushed me aside, "Watch how it's done!" he yelled before he started doing the robot.

I laughed and started doing it with him.

A slow dance came on and Dean right away grabbed my waist and pushed me into him. I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes as we swayed.

It was all so perfect. Nothing could ruin this moment. I couldn't be happier then I was now.



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