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Jisoo POV
It's been 1 month when Jennie go somewhere. And Lisa is still coma.

"Baby, I'm going to buy drinks, can you watch Lisa?" I said.

"Sure Baby." she said and I went out.

After a minute, I saw Rosé came on vending machine.

"Why are you here? You supposedly watching Lisa imma right?." I said and I saw her panickly.

"Lisa woke up now." she said.

"What? Did you call an doctor?." I asked.

"Of course., Come now." she said and we went Lisa's room.

We saw her crying and she saw us.

"Jisoo, where is Jennie?"she said while crying.

Before I talk Lisa's mom came and she handle and letter from Lisa.

" Jennie is gone for 1 month Sweetie, I don't know why she didn't wait you woke up. "Lisa's said.

"Because She don't want you Lisa saw her go away, we didn't know where she is." I said and she started to cry.

"Don't lie on me, I know you guys know where she is." she said.

"Why don't you read that letter first?." Lisa's mom said.

Lisa POV
I open the letter and I want to cry, coz this is Jennie's hand writing.

To: My Precious Lisa

Did you woke up now Hon?, I'm glad that your okay.

I'm sorry Hon if I didn't wait you woke up, I don't want to see me crying in pain, and going far away.

There's a reason why I go far away, and it's a secret, don't tell to my friends that they are liar. They didn't even know where I am. And don't look for me.

Hon, I always love you from the bottom of my heart, but I don't want to see you in pain because of me, please take care of yourself even I'm not there, don't drink some alcohol again okay? You will find another girl who will care for you more than what I'm doing, and who will give you more attention.

Don't forget that even I'm your enemy in Past, I'm still your wife who love you most.

Even we're always fighting, you always fixing it for me even I'm too selfish.

I love you Lisa, be happy without me.

-Jennie M.

I cry out loud and Jennie's friends and my mom comfort me, then I saw a paper again inside the white envelope.

I grab it and I look for it.

It's divorce paper, and she's already sign it. I want to rip this off but I can't, I'm not going to sign this.

I need to find her, I need a reason why is she doing this to me, I won't let my girl give up our love.

"Mom why is she doing this to me?, *sob* why is she give up our love, why she didn't fight more for our love, why- *cry again*"

"It's time to let her go Li-" I cut her off.

"Isn't easy mom." I said and lay on my bed.

Jennie POV
Jisoo told me, that Lisa is now awake, and she told me that she gone wild.

I want to cry at my office, but I can't, my Co-doctor's will saw me here.

I look at the glass window and I think about sad memories with Lisa.

"I'm sorry Lisa." that's what I'm going to say.

"Chief Dr. Kim?." One of my team mate said.

"Yes Dr. Nayeon?." I said.

"Are you okay?" she said.

"Yes I am." I said.

"BTW, the new vice president in this hospital is going to meet us, let's go." she said.

"I'll be going, go first now." I said and she nodded.

I wear my white doctor coat and I went to the event.

When I got there, the vice president is really a good looking person, but Lisa is the most beautiful on my eyes.

"You must be Chief Dr. Kim?" he said in front of me.

I got shock when he talk to me.

"Yes I am." I said and I vow on him.

"I'm Vice President Kim Jong-in." he said and smiled at me.

"Nice to meet you." I said and nodded.

When he left, Nayeon came to me.

"I think V. Pres. Kim have crush on you." she said.

"Impossible." I said and I leave her.

"Aigooo, don't leave me Chief Dr. Kim!" she yelled and she ran.

"I will focus on my work now, I need to forget Lisa."

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