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Tony's pov:

Once we arrived home Steve and I showed the kid where he would be staying. He still didn't seem to comfortable with us but I can tell he's thankful he at least has a place to sleep.

" so this is your room kid." I inform him as we reach the last room that no one was staying in. His eyes lit up immediately at the sight.

" your kidding right?" He asks in a sarcastic tone.

" nope it's all yours." Steve answers this time.
The kid looks at us with utter shock.

Peters pov:

I can't believe this is all mine. I've never had this much before. Maybe living here for a while won't be so bad. It won't last long though as they will probably find some foster home to put me in soon. Then I won't be able to go on patrol anymore. That's the main reason why I didn't want to go with them in the first place. I knew they would just send me away. I rather be on the streets where I can help people then locked up in a foster home. With my power I don't want to let it just go to waste. There was a reason why I got bit by that radio active spider when I was younger. It was so I could help people later on. I can't just let them take that away from me.

" alright kid get settled in and please take a shower." Tony asks of me. I immediately send him a glare. I don't smell that bad.

" oh and dinner will be around 8:00." Steve quickly informs me. I nod my head showing that I understand. Soon enough they both walk out and close the door behind them to give me some privacy. Finally some time to myself. I decide I probably should take a shower. I quickly pick out an outfit and grab a towel and washcloth. I was done within 10 minutes. I decided after that to just chill since I finally didn't have to worry about anything.

Time skip dinner

Soon enough 8:00 rolled around. I work my way down the hall to where the kitchen was. I see both Tony and Steve getting everything ready.

" oh hey kiddo, just pick a seat anywhere." Tony informs me. I quickly do as he says. Steve then brings over a bowl full of some type of pasta.

" what is this?" I ask curiously.

" uhh it's pesto pasta." Steve informs me. What is pesto? From the looks it doesn't look to appealing.

" just try it." Steve suggests after he sees my expression. I decide to just give it a try as Steve says.

The second that stuff entered my mouth I about gagged. That was awful. I tried not to look to disgusted but Steve could tell.

" you don't have to eat it if you don't want to." He informs me. I sigh in relief knowing that I don't have to eat anymore.

" Tony Just fix him up some Mac n cheese." Steve suggests to Tony.

Soon enough the Mac n cheese was finished and we were all seated at the table. I haven't had a sit down family meal in along time.

" so peter we have some friends of ours we'd like you to meet." Tony starts. I already know who he's talking about.

" the avengers?" I say with sarcasm.

" yeah actually they will be coming be tomorrow." Tony informs me. I don't know whether to feel exited or worried.

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