Chapter 15 - The Secret of Angela's Past (Part 4)

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WARNING: Please proceed with caution. For mature audiences only and may make you very emotional.

"Okay, you want to play it the hard way, then? That is completely fine with me!"

Jacob spoke to Angela calmly but seriously and then spoke to her again asking her a question.

"I'll give you one more chance to fess up...otherwise there will be consequences, Angela...serious consequences...and believe me, you don't want to go down this route..."

Jacob paused for a few seconds before speaking again.

"Do you or do you not love that Asian chick who you are always thinking and talking about?"

Angela was shocked at what she was hearing and was getting more nervous by the second. How could she not still love her? She was her childhood sweetheart who was broken up by unfortunate, of course, she loved her and was going to visit her in Japan someday as they promised to meet again...this was the 'thing' what she wanted to tell Jacob just before her Birthday party that day but she had found it so hard to tell it looks like she might have to tell him everything about her plans in the near future.

Angela hesitantly replied to Jacob; "Jacob...I'm sorry...It's the truth...and there is also something else I must tell you..."

Jacob's blood was starting to boil but he also wanted to hear what Angela had to say.

"...What is it, Angela?"

Angela took a deep breath and then replied to Jacob and told him what she was going to tell him.

"...I..I'm going to Japan next live over there for a while...It is also why I have been studying the Japanese language and culture...and to also find Momoko..."

Jacob's anger was building up inside him but he still wanted to ask Angela question.

"Oh really? And how the fuck are you supposed to find her after all these years? You probably don't even know what she looks like...especially since I destroyed that photograph of you and her...also, she could be anywhere in'll never find her...not in a million years!!!"

Jacob laughed hysterically and Angela looked at him as she was now becoming angry at him.

"I will find her!!! I know that she lives in Tokyo...and I will keep searching until I do find her...this is why I can't move in with you and your parents...I'm really sorry, Jacob...please forgive me?"

Jacob had heard enough and in his mind, he already made up what he was going to do...he had already been planning it since he heard what Angela and Jennifer had been discussing this morning and just wanted to hear what Angela had to say.

"Okay, Angela...I forgive you...and it seems like I really can't stop you from going to Japan, does it? It's fine though..." Jacob said his piece with a smile.

Angela was somewhat relieved and happy with how Jacob was reacting...she thought he would be absolutely furious with her and this comforted her knowing that she wouldn't be on bad terms with her boyfriend about this...or would she really?

"Thank you so much, Jacob! It means a lot to me..." Angela said relieved.

Jacob smiled back at her...he then picked up his phone and started to dial in some digits...he then put the cellphone up to his ear and let it ring...Angela was a little confused and was wondering who he was ringing...Jacob then muttered the words 'Come in!'.

Again, Angela was getting really confused at this point and was wondering why Jacob had phoned someone and had said to them 'come in'

This thought had just been broken up by the sound of the classroom door opening and two guys had just walked in...locked the door behind them and closed the blinds on all of the windows.

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