Chapter 2

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Viola Proxima Nowak,
It's me. Again.
You didn't get my last letter. I know you didn't because when it was returned, it was still sealed.
But I like to think you did.
I finally came out of the house today, just to go to the store. I found some old dresses from your closet, and used my hairbrush. It was hard, getting all of the tangles out, but I managed.
The clerk recognized me, and asked where my friend was, the one with the curly red hair and green eyes. I told her you'd left.
I met someone new. Her name is Liara, and she seems nice enough.
Not as nice as you.
I miss you, Vi.
I've pulled out your viola a few times and tried to play your sheet music but we both know my viola skills are limited.
You always sounded much better.
I'm thinking of getting lessons, you know. But then I'd need a job. And then I'd need money.
I told everyone you died, and then I've been living off of your death fund and your inheritance for years, but I'm almost out of money.
I never went to college.
I was going to but then you left and life happened and college didn't. I might go back to school, live off of loans, maybe make a life for myself.
But then I think about it and decide that I don't want that kind of life if you're not in it.
Please come back.
I need you.
Alexia Francesca Juanero

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