Chapter 1

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Viola Proxima Nowak,
It's been 5 years since your last letter.
I know that the Elementi at Zamek Magiczny are really strict about writing to a powerless, but you always found a way.
That means Magic Castle, right? Google translate sure thinks so. But you were always better than google translate at Polish.
I wish you were here to correct me.
I'm starting to wonder if you forgot me.
Every letter I send comes back to me a few days later, unread.
I know you don't get these.
But I like writing to you.
Meanwhile, I'm trying everything I can to get powers. I looked it up on the elementi website you showed me, and most elementi get their powers at ages 8-12.
I'm 26, in case you don't remember.
But you do.
Because as my half-almost twin, you have the same birthday as me.
Take care of yourself, Vi. Take care.
With any luck, I'll be there too.
And if you ever do come home, your Viola is waiting.
Alexia Francesca Juanero

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