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Four Years Later.


"God, I hate weddings."

Layla turned back to me, showing me her best death stare that was only enhanced by the gorgeous eye makeup she'd done herself. "Have I told you today how happy I am that I chose you for my maid of honor?"


"Wonder why?"

"Eh. Not really."

She lifted an eyebrow to me. "So you know you're being a grouch on my wedding day?"

"Blame it on the hormones?"

Layla half scoffed, half laughed as I helped lift her oversized dress up, allowing her to shimmy on some sneakers in place of her god-awful high heels that looked like they'd been made by the gods but in reality, were hand crafted by the devil.

"Are you aslo blaming your hormones as the reason you couldn't stop crying during the ceremony?" she asked with a knowing smirk.

"Look," I dropped her dress back down to the ground and found her eyes in the floor length mirror in front of us. "If you bring up how much I cried watching my best friend get married one more time, I'll shove one of your high heels right up your ass."

Layla shrugged one of her bare shoulders and replied shamelessly, "You know I'd probably like it."

Laughter sputtered past my lips, sounding more like an uncontainable cackle than normal laughter. "You kinky bitch," I joked with a wide smiling stretching my lips. "I love you, you freaking weirdo. Even if you married a dumbass."

"Yeah, well he's your boyfriends dumbass best friend so what does that say?"

"That we should run away together to Italy and leave them both?"

Locking our eyes together in the mirror, through the stupid grins on both of our faces, we said in perfect unison, "If only we didn't like dick so much."

We both drifted into soft laughter, and as we held the others gaze in the bridal suite mirror, I felt the moment turn tender around us. "You know I am really happy for you, right?"

"Even though you think marriage is a hack?" Layla arched a teasing eyebrow up at me.

"Well, it is," I replied plainly. "But yes, if anyone can make this whole marriage thing work, it's you and Ryan. You guys have already proven that."

This wedding was a long time coming but there were times none of us were sure it was ever going to happen. When they broke up for about six months a few years ago, no one saw it coming and Ryan was devastated. He was so broken hearted that he ended up staying on mine and Dominic's couch for over a month, drinking away his sorrows and running up our cable bill.

When Layla decided to give the relationship another chance after those miserable months, we were all thankful. Turned out that they just weren't on the same wavelength for one too many days and it got to Layla's head, making her think that they weren't meant to be after all. She admitted after the whole ordeal that she still wasn't quite right in the head after being taken and needed to work on herself by herself for a few months. She'd mentioned needing space to Ryan and he flipped, thinking she wanted to break up with him, so he jumped the gun and did it first.

Ryan had worked on his maturity while Layla worked on bettering her mental health. Three months after they got back together, they were engaged. Two years of planning later and here we are.

"And I know I've said it like a thousand times today already but you really are the most beautiful bride. Ryan looked like he about came in his pants when he first saw you in this dress."

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