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𝐈𝐓 𝐖𝐀𝐒 𝐃𝐎𝐍𝐄. It was difficult, but what the Twelve Signs did was done and they felt . . . good about themselves. It sounded harsh to say that they felt good about what they had done to their sister, but she had gone too far. Ophiuchus had broken too many of their laws, and they couldn't have that in their House. They lived in peace and unity, and it was incredibly difficult to keep that amongst them if one of their own didn't care.

Pisces stood in front of the large door that would allow them to overlook the world. Earth below them seemed to still prosper as it had for millennia, and all she could wonder was if her sister had been there. If, when they had banished her from their home, she found herself on Midgard. It would've been torture for her, seeing as she would never be able to do a thing among the humans. Of course, she would still have her powers as a Zodiac sign, but they would not be as strong as they could've been if she had just listened to them.

A small sigh left her lips as she shook her head, before glancing over her shoulder to see Gemini talking to each other. The Twins giggled among themselves as they spoke about whatever it was that they had, and the fish didn't know how to react. All of the Zodiacs had returned to their normal days, or as normal as they could've been. As Pisces glanced around the room, taking in the only Zodiacs that seemed to litter the room, Aries stepped in, her eyes narrowed in on the girl in front of her.

"Please tell me you are not wondering where our sister had fallen to," Aries spoke to her as her long and raven hair flowed after her. Gemini lifted their heads as they stared between the two women, wondering if they should've gotten involved. Though it was easy for them to decide not too, even if the other was begging their twin to jump in. "Come now, Pisces, you know better. You, more than any of us, understand why we had to exile her."

"I know that, but she was still our sister and we threw her out," Pisces explained to her as she crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes at her. "And you know that because of who I am, I'm going to worry about where Ophiuchus had fallen."

Aries inhaled sharply before she nodded, "Of course, but I don't worry myself with such things. You may be compassionate, but I am not. My aggressive tendencies have made it very easy for me to say that it was alright to send her off."

"Maybe you could take the time to learn a little compassion," Pisces hissed, which made the Ram step forward.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, Taurus jumped into the situation, the Bull putting his hands up as he stood between the two combatting Zodiac Signs, "Girls, girls, let's not start this again. The two of you have been butting heads about this whole situation for days since we had banished her. It's time for us to return to harmony."

"It's hard when Pisces is the one starting all of this unnecessary drama," Aries snapped at him, before snapping her head back to the Fish. "If you miss her so badly, why don't you just leave?"

"Sorry, I don't think so," Pisces spoke lowly, giving the other woman a glare. "How about you go back and do whatever the hell it is you do all day."

Aries stared between Taurus and Pisces, before rolling her eyes and storming off. The Gemini and Taurus both looked to Pisces before the Water Sign left the room as well. She pushed her way through all of the twisting corridors as she made her way back to her room. Her hand was pressed against the door and, once the door opened, she stepped through the threshold and threw herself down on her bed. Her eyes stared up at the ceiling above her and she bit down on her lower lip.

She didn't know what it was about her and Aries, but the two of them only seemed to butt heads more and more ever since the banishment. Most signs did butt heads because of their incapability, but the two of them used to be friends. They used to be comfortable with each other, but then everything seemed to change. Pisces knew that the two of them would never be as close as Aries was with Libra and Leo, or with how close Pisces was with Virgo and Taurus.

Picses just wished that all of the Zodiacs could get along as they once had. Like it was in the beginning when they were first created from the stars. When they had broken away from their constellations and forged the House of the Zodiacs. But it seemed that, with time, they were only going to band together with those that they were close to. That they were always going to have their ties with those who were always there for them, that get along with them.

With a deep breath, Pisces allowed her eyes to squeeze shut and fall asleep. But she didn't know that her pleasant dreams were going to be plagued with nothing but darkness.

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