Eros- Part 2

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 "What time?"

"Six in the evening"

He checked the texts again and pulled the sun glasses back shielding from the sun glowing on the dusty city. It was not every day ASR waits for someone, in the open dust and that too in front of a women 's college? He chuckled at his thoughts. But he has long waited for this. In fact longed for this. And ever since she texted confirming the time, he couldn't tame his heart in anticipation. Really? For a date? For the corporate man who is well versed with so many of the opposite gender in many professional and more-than-that ways. It is special. He knew. She is special and so is their FIRST DATE.

His watch showed 6:06 now. Where is she now? Leaving him at the front gate of her college in this crowd of students and all other unfamiliar human beings!

"Women and time"

He muttered and turned to open the door of his car. Then he heard it, the loud giggling and hushed whispering that he is so familiar by now. The man turned around to get a good full look of his fiancé walking towards him still giggling over something her friend said and then elbowing her whispering something. She raised her eyes and saw the man waiting , still not able to read his eyes. She smiled at him, showing her appreciation of him waiting for her and the smile was returned. Bidding bye to friends, she came up close and said a bright hi.

"Hi" he said and showed her the watch.

She understood and looked down.

"Sorry, they said there's something to discuss urgent and it took me two minutes to figure out they were pulling my legs as they found out it's our first date."

His irritated mood changed to an amused one now.

"Then I don't have any complaints." He smiled.

"What?! You don't mind them teasing me?!"

"Absolutely not. I like the color you change to when you are teased but I wish it was me in place of your friends to do that to you"

She couldn't reply but stare at him with her mouth and eyes wide open.

"I never thought you're that kind"

Now it was his turn to be surprised.

"What kind??!"

"Do you know that you were just flirting with me?"

"Oh that!. It's just the beginning sweetheart."

"You are so different from our first meeting at my home"

"I hope you enjoy the learning curve!" He winked at her and opening the door.

Walking to the driver side and getting in, he saw her still shocked and slowly getting in. He smiled again.

She pulled her pocketbook that was falling back to her shoulder and he noticed her right arm pit when she moved through the cap sleeves of her tunic. He gulped. He pushed his fantasies to the back of his head and decided to behave.

"All set?" He asked and pulled the car to the road driving away to their destination for the evening.

The silent ride with many stolen glances in between ended at a cafe at the outskirts of the city. The natural evening lights shone romantically as he waited at the front of the cafe for her to come out of the car.

She was fixing her shoes before getting out of the car and the thoughts of their last conversation are afresh in her brain. She stepped out and almost tripped on the step of the door while closing it. She turned out and bent to see if the door was closed fine.

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