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"Cupcakes?" Jiyeon asked, eyeing the food in front of her.

Changbin's smile fell slowly, "Well, yeah, I just followed the recipe you gave me..."

Jiyeon noticed the change of atmosphere and quickly took back her words, "What I mean is - I didn't expect you would actually finish it on time."

"I got help of course," The boy grinned again, as Jiyeon picked up a piece. "How does it taste?"

Jiyeon took a bite of the cupcake and felt herself touched. The taste wasn't like her mom's usually cooking but it was close, "Good."

"Good? That's all you have to say?"

"Do you want me to jump around and yell how delicious it is?"

Changbin pouts which Jiyeon found cute. Here goes the tingling sensation again. She erased the thought in her head and faced him, "So, what's your marketing strategy for this?"

"I did the cooking, so you think up of a tactic."

Jiyeon crossed her arms over her chest. She spotted the boys practicing for their contest. It was only a week away, "Why don't the guys help us sell?"

"I'm not paying them extra for that. We're going to lose all our money!"

"Look, they're handsome. A lot of girls have a crush on them. Especially Minho oppa, which I find really weird by the way." Jiyeon explains, sitting on the chair beside Changbin. "And if they're the ones selling..."

"The girls would want to buy from them!"

Jiyeon smirked, earning another idea, "I have a plan."

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

"All you have to do is sell these cupcakes around the campus!" Jiyeon explains to the 7 boys in front of her - Jeongin was nowhere to be found.

"Including the college department?" Chan asked, holding the box of cupcakes in front of him.

"Yes. Now each cupcake has a cute stick on top, with your picture."

"Why'd you use my baby picture?!" Jisung instantly cried out.

Changbin shrugged, "That's the cutest one I could find."

"You could've asked to take a picture of me."

Hyunjin snickered, "It'll still look the same. Admit it Jisung, you can't be as good looking as me."

Before Jisung could react, Felix held his collar and pulled him back, "Noona, please continue before we kill each other."

Jiyeon nods, "That's practically it. Thank you so much for your help."

Woojin pulled Chan and Minho, "We'll take care of the college group. Don't you worry!"

Hyunjin, Felix and Seungmin waved their hands goodbye before entering the school grounds.

"You're not going to tell them there's a contest, right?" Jisung asked, putting the box in the small bag provided by Jiyeon.


"You're not going to tell them that once the girl completes 9 cupcakes with our pictures on top, the winner will spend a day with whoever member she chooses?" Changbin adds.


Jisung eyed his surroundings, "And you're not letting Jeongin sell so that they'll be no winner?"

"Oh, Jeongin's going to sell." Jiyeon explains. "We have a week for this economics project, and my brother will have to sell his cupcakes on the last day."

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