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requested by: @yourcheesewhizdealer

i felt stuck. isolated. i needed help. lately, i had been really sad, i had fallen into a depressive state. one which it was hard to deal with. realization had hit me, life is not always perfect no matter how much you think it is. my boyfriend, dante albidone, had noticed and he had tried to help, but it simply had no use. there was no escaping this reality and i just had to learn to cope with it. i tried to look on the bright side of everything, hoping one day it would go away. dante though, always made me feel a little better. just the thought of him snapped me into a slightly happy state. it was as if he had something inside him, that made everything inside me better, he brought out my happiness. he would bring me gifts, food, and he would stay over to watch movies and cuddle, hoping it would help me recover. and it did, slowly i felt like like there was actually a chance, a chance to escape my depression. it was all thanks to dante. he never gave up on me, he knew that somewhere deep down inside me i was stuck, trying to get out, and he needed to help, he needed to pull that happiness out of me. i was finally recovering, dante kept coming over and comforting me, i finally felt secure to go out, he would take me to my favorite places, try to bring me out into the world. he went with me to my therapist he would follow her advice to help me get better. and soon after everything, in the time span of a couple of months, i ended up in a happy state. dante helped me along my journey to get better, to get cured, and i thank him so much for he was the one helped me get through this. thank you dante albidone, for being the most caring and helping boyfriend ever.

a/n: so i am not sure what i did i went for like a first person pov and like a like journey letter or something around there i'm not sure if this is what was requested but i tried to make it work and i'. sorry because i know i completely suck at writing but i did try so i really hope you guys like it, lots of love (-:

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