1. The Meeting

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Fated Incidence

I was trying to sit quietly at the corner.

I.. I can't breathe anymore.

I have close shut my eyes. Tears have gone dry and my eyes were hurting like hell.

I have dangerously closed my ears with my soaked hands, soaked with bloods.

They are trying to get my hands off my ears, when they managed to move my hands a bit I noticed my hoarse voice clearly, crying with pain and agony.

When more strength added and succeeded to remove my hand, my mind went blank as familiar voice rang like a hammer to my heart. My sister's. She was crying with grief filled in her voice.

My vision was not clear at that dark places. But the hint of flames can tell the story in one perfect sentence, which make my throat a barren land.

"No..." that's all I could managed to cried out of my lungs and my sobs continued for don't know how long.

She started crying again when she heard my painful crying, now I'm accusing myself for doing that.

I..I could smell her blood in my soaked hand.
I could even taste that dreadful blood, consuming my very soul, reaching every depth of my life.

I just thought of her pain and in response my body reacts to that and I felt that horrible pain in my whole body.

My body went limp when I fall on the ground. I managed to grabbed my limped body together, leaving traces of pain in my body.

That what I was feeling back then.

I was sitting beside her limped body which doesn't react to my call making me cry further.



Riona POV

I was wandering like a lost person, I was frustrated and mad at her. When I couldn't found my sister, with deep breath I shouted, "Ke...n..na.." again, "Kenna."

I heard footsteps when I recognized her, I snap at her, "Where was you? I thought.." I stopped when another familiar figure appears behind her.

My eyes widened, I somehow managed to bow down resulting me to almost slipped from the large stone, from where I was was shouting before.

I know after this accident I'm going to be scolded at house, but I never hit the ground.

I looked at my saviour, looked for another time, more closely. I didn't recognized him, I blinked my eyes breaking our eye contact and hurried myself from him away.

He laughed, making my sister scuff. He said,"You thought what..?"

He waited for me to say something then a small smirk formed in his lips, that makes me more nervous, but what I said only the dumbest would say,"I thought.. maybe The Demon Witch has her."

I stopped when I noticed that his previous posture become unsettled he looked at the person beside my sister which I already recognized as Prince Gale and to me, my eyes too goes from Prince Gale beside my sister to the person in front of me.

"But that wasn't true, how could it be. Really that was a homemade stories to scared off children so that they behave..maybe." I finished in one breath and laughed a little.

I blurted out again,"Who are you?"

I grabbed his attention again. Everyone could tell that I was curious by the look I have and giving him continuously now.

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