Chapter 8-snap

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The boys had been egging Kirstie to do this conversation all week, and the girl had finally agreed to do it.

And so, she was waiting in line with Avi, while the other boys were in the stand to cheer her on. There were so many people in the line, mostly seniors, she felt her anxiety build up, shortening her breaths.

Avi seemed to notice, pulling a silly face to distract her. He assumed it worked when she giggled at him.

As the line dwindled down, Avi stuck to her side whilst waiting for her turn.

Finally, she got up to the stand and mumbled through her introduction, singing "Say Something," By a Great Big World.

When she stepped down, Avi pucked her up from her feet into a giant hug.

"That was amazing!" He smiled brightly, "I knew you could sing, but I didn't know you could sing like that."

The brunette girl blushed under all the attention she was receiving.

"Good?" She asked quietly, still quite doubtful of her performance.

"Better than good." Scott gasped, "That was absolutely beautiful, Kit. There is no way you didn't get that solo!"

"Yeah, You should definitely audition for the group song later in the year." Kevin smiled at her. "We'd go with you."

"Yay!" She smiled giddily, causing Avi to hold back an "awe."

"Well, we should get home," Kevin explained, Scott and Mitch agreeing as he was their ride home.

"I'll drive you home, I just gotta use the bathroom first. One second." He smiled, leaving the room.

"Why did you even try?" A blonde girl walked up to Kirstie.

"Your voice is trash, why even try?" She snorted chuckling at the brunette in front of her. "Honestly, why do they let freaks as you go to school? Go back to the mad-house you live in!" She laughed, in turn, making her "squad" laugh.

"Yeah, freak. Why don't you just go ahead and crawl back to Avi, make him protect the little cry baby from the real world?" Another boy laughed, pushing her to the ground as they walked by.

They were right. She knew that it would. Go to one of the seniors, but deep down, she was hoping she could show them all that she could do it.

That she could prove that Kirstin Maldanado couldn't be pushed around.

Once Avi came back, he helped her off the floor. "Kirstie? What happened?" He asked her.

"Pushed." She frowned. "Okay."

"Are you sure, sweetheart?" The term of endearment rolled off his tongue easily.

Kirstin flushed a pink tint at the word. The brunette girl never understood how he made her feel this way.

And so, the group had a normal week until the day their choir class had the announcement.

"And, the winner is, Rebecca Crusie!" Was called through the room.

Kirstie was quite disappointed in herself. Why did she even try?

"I told you not to try, sweetie." The same blonde as yesterday laughed in her face. "Why would they give a talentless freak anything?"

Tears built up in the smaller girls eyes. How could she have been so stupid to think they might think she was special.

The rest of the day Kirstie was quite upset and quiet. Usually, she would have gotten over it by now, but the feeling of disappointment in herself was too much to bear. How come she couldn't show those girls they were wrong.

At lunch, Mitch made an innocent comment he hoped would calm her down.

"Don't worry, Kit. There will be others. It was just a solo." He smiled at her brightly.

That set her off.

Letting out a guff of disappointment she glared at him. It may seem nothing, but from Kirstie, he might as well have been cussed out.

"What was that for, Kit?" Scott scowled. Mitch was his best friend, and she had no right to do that.

Kirstie knew he was right, but she didn't know how to express the self-disappointment, so she must just got up and walked away. After cooling down and processing her situation, maybe she could explain it better.

Scott and Mitch avoided her the rest if the day when she tried to apologize, and it made everything much worse.

She's had depressive episodes in the past, and she wasn't ready for it. Life was finally coming together. She couldn'they it fall apart again.

What had she done?

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