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Jaila p.o.v

Why?? That's the only thing comprehending through my mind when I stood their seeing my boyfriend if two years having sex with another girl.A whimper escaped from my mouth which lead them to stop. To look at me ,to give me a apologetic look...Trent looked at me with wide eyes and pushed that b#tch off of him."Baby..." I shook my head and yelled "Get out!!! Get out of my life take that b#tch with you!!" Trent tried to walk forward slowly with his boxers on. "You don't-" "YES I do!! Get out!!"


I laid on the couch wrapped in Trent's arms crying softly .Feeling the bruise accumulate on my face."It's ok...I didn't mean it..." he said pushing my black hair out of my face. I nodded trying not to make him mad. "Answer!! You have a mouth use it!!" "Yes." He smiled weakly ."I love you." "Me too." I mumbled.

That's the first time he hit me.......

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