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Mo- yaa I know but you never considered me as your friend

A- I know Mohit but I was not comfortable then

M- and now you are

A- n...no I mean not that much
But yaa I can say that you are a very good person and I can give guarantee

Mohit smiled

M- thanks Anika
Vese I had seen you both together and I seriously can't imagine that he can ignore you
The person who was your only best friend

A- I know Mohit that's why I'm unable to forgive him
I can't

M- it's ok

Mohit holded her hand

M- try to stay strong

Shivaay entered with Anika's favourite dishes

He saw Mohit holding Anika's hand. He became jealous

He placed breakfast on table and went towards Anika

He pushed Mohit aside and sat near her holding her hand

S- eat your breakfast Anika
You have to eat your medicines too

A- hmm

Omru also entered and smiled to see shivika

Omru- good morning Anika/di

A- good morning omru

R- how are you di

A- I'm fine now om

Finished with greetings
Now go", said Shivaay eying Mohit

Om understood . He thought to tease him

Om- you are soo lucky to get her friendship Mohit

M- I know I'm
She is an angel

S- go and flirt with some other girl not Anika

M- but I didn't

Om eyed Rudra and guestured him to join him

Rudra smirked

R- aare Mohit bhaiya you are very smart and handsome that any girl can fall for you
"Hana Anika di", he asked anika

A- h....Han sahi kaha
Mohit you are very handsome and cute

Mohit acted as she killed him . Anika giggled.

Shivaay become furious and broke nearby glass in anger

Omru were enjoying his state. Anika was scared with sudden noise

A- what happened Shivaay

"No... nothing", said Shivaay cleaning his sweat

R- aare Mohit bhaiya you can also help Anika di to eat food

Shivaay was getting angry . His face was becoming red by anger

S(thinking)- I will kill you Rudra Singh obroi for this

Shivaay picked up plate.

S- I'll make her eat

Omru were smiling . Mohit asked them about matter through eyes and they guestured him to see Shivaay's face because of jealousy.

Mohit also joined them

He held Anika's hand and kissed there.

M- hello senorita
What do you want today

S- I think you want a slap and a kick today right

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