fourteen 🗝

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"Candies?" Jihoon asked Mark who was putting some in his cart.

"Do you have a problem, Park Jihoon?"

"Wow, no need to be so feisty, Mark Lee," Minhyuk interrupts, walking towards them with a box of milk. "We're all friends here."

"You mean you are." Mark moves his cart away before Minhyuk could put down the milk. "Just so you know, I wouldn't even be here if Jiyeon hadn't invited me."

He walked away leaving the two who looked at each other. Jihoon took the milk from Minhyuk's hand and put in his basket, "Where's Changbin?"

"Probably flirting with Yang Jiyeon," Minhyuk says, taking his phone out. "You know I never really asked if he likes her."

Jihoon grins and nods, "He does. He's just too chicken to ask her out,"

"Why don't you ask her first then?"

"I don't even like her."

Minhyuk laughed, "You did once. Freshman year?"

"That was in the past, besides -" Jihoon spotted Jiyeon and Changbin laughing near the vegetable section. "She probably doesn't remember me anymore."

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"Is this all were using?" Changbin asked, looking at the cart Jiyeon was pushing.

"These were all the ingredients listed, so we're all clear," Jiyeon answers, putting the list in her bag. "Come on, let's pay -"

Jiyeon stopped in his tracks when he saw a familiar man holding a child's hand with his arms wrapped around a woman's shoulder.

"Hey... what's wrong?" Changbin asked noticing Jiyeon who wasn't moving. "Jiyeon?"

Jiyeon bit her lip, trying to stay calm. "Uhm, let's go?"

Changbin noticed her eyes who went from happy to sad in a matter of seconds. Before Jiyeon could turn the cart, Changbin held her wrist.

Jiyeon looks up, "C-Changbin.."

"What's wrong?" She could feel the sincerity in his question as he caresses her arm with his thumb.

"Nothing.." Jiyeon whispers before looking at the man again, lining up to the counter.

Changbin followed her gaze and realized who he was looking at. It was their dad. Jeongin once told them his parents got a divorce and their dad moved on to a new family.

Changbin noticed Jiyeon's hand slowly shaking. She was getting anxious for some reason. He slid his hand and intertwined them with hers.

There's that feeling again. That tingling sensation in her stomach that only occurs whenever Changbin is near by or holding her.

Changbin motions to the other side of the mart, "Come on, we might've missed an ingredient or two."

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