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"Changbin hyung is scary when he's angry," Felix frowned, closing his locker door.

"Then don't make him angry," Chungha replied, putting some books in her bag. "Have you seen my phone?"

Felix touched his pockets, "Didn't you bring it with you before we left the house?"

Chungha rummages through her locker, "Can you call -"

"Looking for this?" Hyunjin suddenly appeared holding a rose gold iphone in front of her.

Chungha furrowed her eyebrows at him as she took the phone out of his hands, "You're lucky I'm in a good mood."

"You mean, you're lucky," Hyunjin stretched his neck. "I still have some bruises from Changbin hyung."

"You deserved that, you know."

"No one asked you, Lee Chungha."

Felix stepped in between them, "For once, can't you two get along? You're my bestfriend and you're my sister, doesn't that mean we're practically family -?"

"NO!" Chungha and Hyunjin both said, raising their voice. The girl quickly closed her locker and walked away.

Hyunjin shrugs, "I told you she hates me."

"You are one blind man, Hwang Hyunjin."

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"Today, I will assign you your pairs for your economics project," Teacher Park explains in front. "You will sell food or any kind of dessert and the one who sells the most, gets the highest grade. It's all about skill, and tactics."

Chou Tzuyu raised his hand, "Do we get to choose which food to sell?"

"Yes, as long as you made it on your own," The teacher explains, "And before you ask Subin, I'll deduct points for those who hire a chef."

Jung Subin twitched his mouth and lowers his hand. He hasn't even asked the question yet and the teacher already had an answer.

"What if we hired a chef, secretly?" Jiyeon asks, leaning on her chair.

"I will assign one student to watch over each group and update me on their project, but the trick is, you won't know who it is."

"So, basically," Park Woojin started to talk, "We'll be stalking each other?"

"Yes, now here are the groups...

Park Minhyuk and Park Jihoon,

Byun Hyunmin and Ju Haknyeon,

Song Yuqi and Wong Yukhei,

Choi Yeonjun and Kim Doyeon,

Seo Changbin and Yang Jiyeon -"

"What?!" Changbin and Jiyeon stood up at the same time, earning a look from all their classmates.

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