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"Thanks for the ride, Taeyong oppa." Jiyeon says as they drove away from the amusement park.

"Hey, no problem. We were having our break anyway when you called Mark and I was happy to offer some help." Taeyong answers from the driver's seat.

"Well, I'm not! Why'd you drag me here anyway?" Doyoung asked sitting beside Taeyong. He was playing something on his phone.

"We needed to buy some snacks and you lost remember?"

Mark chuckles as his two hyungs bicker again. He looked at Jiyeon who was sitting beside him, "Why are you even out on a saturday night?"

"Oh, Jeongin and the guys decided to hang out and they forced me to come."

"No one forced you," Changbin whispers from beside her.

"You weren't there when Jisung persuaded me to come." Jiyeon answers, looking at the streets outside. "You can stop at that pole over there, oppa. We can walk from there."

Taeyong eyed Jiyeon from his mirror, "Are you sure?"

Jiyeon nods as the car stopped, Changbin opens the door and said his thank you and good bye.

"Thank you, oppa. I'll see you around!" Jiyeon waves and closed the door behind her.

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

"You didn't have to walk me home," Jiyeon says, getting a bit shy.

"What would Chan hyung say to me if I didn't?" Changbin answers, "Plus, I think they're partly responsible for getting us locked up in there."

"I got that feeling the moment Jeongin stopped replying to my texts."

"Wait," Changbin grabs her wrist, pulling her behind a tree. "What are the odds that they're inside your apartment right now?"

Jiyeon peaked from the tree. They were only a few meters away from the apartment and she hears some music coming from inside. "Oh, I'm 100% sure they're here. What are you planning to do?"

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

Changbin pushed Jiyeon lightly on the door, "Wait! Changbin!"

On the other side of the door, Woojin lowered the volume of the music, "I hear something."

"I know." Jisung stands beside the window, pulling Hyunjin down on the floor.

Jiyeon faced Changbin as he slowly leans in, "The music stopped."

"So they're here..." Changbin mutters, eyeing the curtain who had a trace of shadow behind it.

"Well, you have to make it believable."

Changbin smirked, "Trust me, this'll get their heart racing and yours might as well."

Jiyeon's cheek started to flush, avoiding Changbin's eyes that were fixated on her, "Hurry up, Changbin."

"Sshh, no rushing, remember?" He whispers making the hair on Jiyeon's neck stand up. Changbin leans in, resting his forehead on the door.

She had never been this close to any guy before, except for her brother. And what Changbin was making her feel right now is that one certain emotion she hasn't felt before.

Jiyeon was about to tilt her head when a scream was heard.

"Shit! Shit! It's happening!"

Changbin quickly twisted the knob and opened the door, careful not to let Jiyeon fall.

"H-hyung..." Felix stutters, he was crouching near the couch.

Changbin's face turned from getting flustered to getting furious in a matter of seconds. He saw Hyunjin and Jisung ran, and in that moment he knew who was to blame, "Han Jisung, Hwang Hyunjin, get back here!!!!"

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