Girl Talk

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"WHEEEE!" Nikki squealed as she jumped up and down on her bed.
"That's... not really safe..." Mal said.
"I know!"
Mal let herself breath a laugh at that as she sat down on her own bed. Nikki stopped jumping and flopped down on her stomach so she could face Mal.
"So how long have you and Max been here?" She asked.
Mal was a little startled at the girl's question but responded regardless.
"Uh... two years I think... Including this one that is."
"Huh." Nikki hummed, "So why do you wanna leave so bad?"
Mal didn't say anything and Nikki seemed to think that meant she didn't understand.
"I mean, sure, it's a little wacky but that's part of the fun! I love the idea of being in a camp with lots of other kids, all with different interests and different opportunities for adventure!"
Mal opened and closed her mouth a little before brushing some hair out of her eyes and speaking.
"I... I don't wanna leave actually." Mal admitted, "It's... wacky, like you said, but it isn't really bad in my opinion. David is nice, Gwen is... actually also pretty nice when you get to know her. The kids don't really talk to me or Max but they don't bother us that much... It's... It's actually pretty nice here all together..."
And it's better then what we deal with at home, was left unsaid.
"Then why do you keep trying to leave with Max?"
"He's my brother, Nikki."
"And you're his sister. If he knew you were forcing yourself to do something you didn't want to just to make him happy, how do you think he would feel?"
"I... I'm just... I-it doesn't matter WHERE we are!" Mal sputtered, "We belong together... so if Max wants to leave I have to go with him."
Nikki pushed herself into a sitting position and gave Mal a sad look.
"Mal... you don't HAVE to do anything... even if it's for Max." Nikki told her, "And if you feel like you have to sacrifice what you want to do for him... maybe it's time you have a talk about it?"
Mal looked down at her lap, eyes stinging from threatening tears.
"...Maybe you're right..."
Nikki sat in silence for a moment before getting up and walking over to Mal's bed. She kneeled down so she was level with the girl and wrapped her arms around her.
"What are you doing?" Mal tensed.
"Giving you a hug, silly."
"... Why?"
Nikki shrugged.
"I figured you could use one."
Mal paused for a moment before hesitantly returning the hug.
They squeezed each other for only a few seconds before breaking away. Mal wiped her eyes and smiled.
"Is this what girl talk is like?" Mal asked with a giggle.
Nikki gasped.
"You've never had girl talk either!?"
Mal shook her head.
"I've never had any friends other then Max."
"Hmph." Nikki pouted in an unsatisfied manner before sitting down next to Mal and putting an arm around her shoulders, "Well, that ends here and now."
Mal cracked a smile and put an arm around her as well. She leaned her head on her new friend's shoulder and sighed.
"... Thanks Nikki."

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