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On the following day, Lisa, Namjoo, and Jihyun walked to the house after having a lady's day out一 The very first time she had in her entire life.

Thereafter, the three of them entered the house and saw Jungkook doing an exercise in the living room with his earphones on and his white shirt already soaked with his sweats. To his unknown, Lisa stared at him from the doorway with her mouth gape opened.

"Lisa, honey. Why don't you take a rest? I know it's a bit tiring, exploring the town". Namjoo said after turning at Lisa.

"Y-yeah..". Lisa nodded her head and her eyes remained on Jungkook. She couldn't help but captivate how hot and powerfully built Jungkook was. Then she turned to Namjoo. "I'm going upstairs". She said before gave her a bow to her.

After leaving Namjoo on the bottom of the stairs, Namjoo turned to the living room and saw Jungkook doing push up. She smiled and shook her head after remembering about Lisa's earlier, staring at Jungkook for a whole minute.


While having a hot shower, Lisa could feel how fresh and clean she was after a long hour, walking and exploring the town with the ladies. After turning off the shower and drying herself, she wrapped her body with a towel and took her time, applying her skincare product.

Not long after, Jungkook entered the bedroom and locked the door afterward since he was about to strip down his clothes and planned to take a shower as soon as he takes off his shirt.

He retrieved his towel out of the closet after he undressed and wraps around his waist.

Lisa paused as soon as she heard some sort of noise that came outside the bathroom一 the sound that clearly indicating that someone has shut the wardrobe door. "Who's that?". She shouted from the bathroom but no respond since Jungkook had his earphones on.

She slowly opens the bathroom door and notices the door through the balcony was opened, widely. She gets out of the bathroom and shut the door in front of her before she quickens her walked to close the door through the balcony since she about to get dress.

Not until a minute before she turned around, her body crashes against Jungkook's bare chest causing her fall on top of him as soon as his back landed on the floor. Lisa shrieks and immediately get off of him in panicked causing her towel slipped and fall onto the floor. "Shit!". Lisa cursed loudly.

Before he could lift his head up to see Lisa, his eyes widen and disbelief what he saw一 A very naked Lisa. "Oh my god!". He gasped and removed his earphone.

"Don't look at me!!". Lisa shouted, grasping her towel and instantly covered her body.

"Oh my god!". Jungkook now realized after being hypnotized by her naked body. He quickly gets up and Lisa, on the other hand, immediately went to the corner of the room, tightening her towel.

"Explain yourself!". Lisa insisted as if she felt her body had showered in embarrassment.

"Explain myself?". He asked, turning around to her direction after adjusting his towel.

"Yes, explain yourself".

"I was outside". He told her, pointing his finger toward the door through the balcony.

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