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I ducked under a ball of spikey metal that was thrown at my head. I looked up to see the boy from the store standing above me with a smirk on his face. I flung him to the wall and to my surprise he flew through it. I watched him get and brush dust off himself the next thing I knew I was on th ground beneath him while he choked me. I swung my hand and punched him in the face knocking him off of me. He stumbled on the ground before getting up and creating a mace out of  thin air. He swung the ball part at my feet but I jumped over it and kicked him in the face. When he fell I stepped over him and repeatedly punched him until he was unconcious. I turned to the other only to be knocked on my but by a girl with red hair and yellowish server eyes. I kicked her in the boob and she doubled over in pain. I look around to see everyone fighting exept Jalen unconcious on the ground. I ran to his body and shook him until his eyes fluttered open. "Everyone through them to that wall" I said pointing to the wall where I had made a hole earlier. Kasey threw a fire ball at a boy who seamed to be able to control air and he was sent flying through the air. I used my powers to to hold him against the wall while we waited for the others to do the same. Kam was fighting kyle who seamed to be able to shoot sonic blasts. Kam kneed Kyle in the stomach which made him fall to the floor which made him fall to the floor I threw him to the wall and held him there with the girl and the other two boys. Alexis screamed in pain as she hit the floor standing beneath a boy with rainbow eyes. I flung the boy to the wall but he went through it, like he was using Jalen's power. He walked through the wall with a smirk before he blasted a ball of ice at me. Before I had a chance to react Jalen stepped infront of me and absorbed it. Alexis walked over to us while holding her arm. Dani was still fighting a guy with brownish silver eyes. She threw A boulder at  the boy who turned into a mouce and crawled under it. The boy turned into a elephant and charged at her. Jalen sprayed its leg with ice keeping it from moving. Kam threw a ball of acid at its leg and it cried out in pain then turned back to his human form. I threw him at the wall hard enogh for him to become unconcious upon impact.  "Alexis, Jalen blast him with everything you have" Dani said as she threw a bolder through the wall making an openeing. Jalen and Alexis blasted him with water and lighting, the boy flew to the wall and began to shake. "Run everyone" Dani said as she hopped threw the whole in the wall landing on a giant floating peice of rock Jalen and Kam jumped onto the rock and they flew away. Casey jumped out and right before she hit the ground her intire body burst into flames as she flew off behind them. I jumped out the hole and carried my self as we flew through the air.                                    --------------------------++++++++_-----_____------______----___---___--_---_-_----_--____--_

"We've been flying for almost an hour can we land somewhere please" I shouted through the air while I lowered myself onto the roof of a school. The others landed beside me a couple seconds later." I'm so sleepy " I said as I laid down and closed my eyes letting the drakness of my eyelids consume me.

I want to think everyone who read my story and faved it. Its almost over but I will be creating another story in the future. Its gonna be a bxb so if your a homophobe dont read it.... Have a nice day 

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