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Jennie POV
Lisa is still at the emergency room, I can't think properly, I can't think positively.

When Lisa's mom and Lisa's dad came, They comfort me, and calm me.

"I'm sorry Mom*sob*, I can't protect your daughter *sob*." I said while crying.

"It's okay jen, just calm yourself, think positive." she said then I nodded.

Then my parents came, my mom comfort me, but my dad didn't comfort me like Lisa's father did.

My dad just sermon me, I think Lisa is more important to him.

Oh right, I remember, Lisa is not useless like me, Lisa is managing our company and their company.

Our company is more that important to him, if I got accident, he will never worry at me, coz I'm useless.

When my dad done with his sermons on me, Chaesoo came at the hospital and they comfort me.

"Mandu, Lisa will be alright, don't worry to much." Rosé said.

"I will, thanks for your concern Rosie." I said to her.

"You need to go home now Mandu, we can take care of Lisa, don't worry." Jisoo said.

"Okay, report it to me if there's, you know lol." I said and they nodded.

~Time Skipped~

When I got home, I feel empty, I miss Lisa now.

I didn't clean myself, I just lay at my bed, and I didn't change my clothes.

I cry on my bed, and I can't stop thinking about Lisa, all of the scene that I saw in past hour ago, are playing back on my brain.

"It's my fault.......

If I didn't make an issue in Thai Café, this is won't be happen."

I can't sleep...

~Time Skipped~

It's already morning and I need to go to the hospital.

When I got there, I let chaesoo go home, coz I know how tired are they.

I enter to the room and Lisa Is still sleeping.

I hold her arms and I kissed it.

" Woke up now Hon, I missing you now." I said.

Before my Tears flow, someone came at Lisa's room.

"Jennie, Let's talk." My dad said.

We went outside and we sit.

"Here, sign this."he said while handling me the brown envelope.

I open the envelope and I read the paper.

"Why are you ordering me to sign this divorce paper?"i annoyingly asked.

"You need to divorce Lisa." he said.

"Why would I divorce her, I love her dad, she help our company, i-" he cut me off.

"She's still at coma, she will never manage our company now, if we wait too long for her, our company will go down." he said while fixing his coat.

"Oh yeah, I remember, company is more important to you, but dad, I'm not your slave to order me, I'm your daughter dad." I said then my tears fell.

"I'm still your daughter!" I yelled at him and I ran off.

Then I stop because he say something.

"I'm giving you two days to sign this, If you didn't do it after two days, I'll make sure that, Lisa will die in my hands." I seriously said.

"If you killed her, I can't forgive you, even your my dad, and I'll forget that your my dad." I said and I went to Lisa's room.

I cry there and I look for a two paper.

I wrote an letter for Lisa and for Lisa's mother before I go.

I don't want Lisa will saw me go away, I really love Lisa.

Before I go, I put the two letter at the table near to Lisa, and I go outside.

I saw my dad looking at me and he say something again.

"She's your enemy before you got married to her, why don't you sign this now?." he devilishly said.

"That's in Past." I plainly said and I go out to the hospital.

I went to our home, and I packed up my things before I leave, I put Lisa and I pictures on my luggage, and I saw Jisoo and rosé looking at me.

"Where are you going Mandu?" Jisoo asked.

"Somewhere, far away from my dad and Lisa." I said.

"Why?" rosé asked.

"I don't want to put Lisa in danger again, Jisoo can you do me a favor?" I said.

"Yeah sure." she said.

"Tell me if Lisa woke up, and don't tell her that I went far away please." I said.

"Sure, but Lisa will receive more pain if you didn't wait her to wake up." Jisoo said.

"I'm sorry but, I need to do this." I said.

When I'm finish packing, I hop on my car and I drove it toward to airport.

I took flight on New Zealand and I will fullfill my dreams there, even I have a problem in Seoul.

"I'll miss you my precious Lisa."


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