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The next day have finally arrive and I walk to my work place as usual.  It's Wednesday and I usually ask Becca that I want to have a self holiday for rest.

But today, I'm working and need to go to the palace hurry. I sighed and enter the cafe. I went straight to the counter as I saw Becca was there. Probably do some her business record.

I smile and say "good morning Becca!"

She look at me and say "oh Angela. Good morning too." she glance at her watch and say " you are early than I thought"

I nod and say "well,  I just come here for work and it is a very important work today"

She smile and say "oh you finally get it.  So start from today,  no more self holiday on EVERY wednesday"

I look at her and say "okay fine I won't"

"great. Oh anyways. Mark just came here one minutes ago before you arrive"said her while continue her work.

"huh?  But it's early"i said. Okay I admit he is very obsessed with me but I don't like him.  I like him as friend and he always following me around. I feel uncomfortable.

Why must choose me over the other girls in this country? There are hundreds of girls in this country that he can choose anyways.

"it is and do you wanna know what he brought here? "said her while look at me. I look at her and wait.  "a bouquet of roses"said her and take it out under the table.

She look at her work and say "one day,  I might make him dead for sure" I shock and stare at the flowers.  Roses are beautiful and I really loves roses.

I sighed and say "just put this roses as your cafe decorations" she look at me in smiled and say "aww thank you so so so so much Angela. I really appreciate it." she take the roses and I smile. 

Becca glance at her watch and say "okay girl you need to go now.  Prince Jungkook is waiting for you"

I nod and Becca went to the kitchen. I sighed and look down. I smile by myself.  I finally got the chance to go to the palace. My father work as Prince Jungkook's butler there.

When I was young, my father always told me that the palace have such a beautiful garden,  have horses,  and the most amazing is the palace.  The palace are so big and huge.

I trust him because I can see it from far.  It does look like a big palace anyways.

I smile and Becca came with the drink.  She smile and say "here it is.  Be careful okey" I nod and take it.

With that,  I walk outside and went to the palace with a big smile on my face.



I wait for John and he finally arrived.  He now and say "yes your highness. What can I do for you?"

I smile and say "oh nothing.  Does the others already clean up my beloved horse?" he nodded and say "yes your highness"

I smile and look at the sky.  "look at the sky John.  It's look beautiful.  Aren't they? "I said in smile.

"yes it is your highness.  You look like you are waiting for someone.  Is it Becca again? "said him.

I nod and my smile gone quickly. I sighed and say "John,,can I ask you a question? "

"sure. What is it? "said him.

I look at him and say "you have a wife and kids.  How do you met your wife before? I'm sorry if I start to ask about your marriage life"

He smile and say "it's okay your highness.  I met her at the park.  She is there helping someone that is very poor.  She gave some money to them and we accidently bump into each other.  Then,  we get to know each other."

I nod.  See.  Even John find a girl that love to help people out there. I sighed and say "father give me time to find a perfect person to be with me.  But I don't know which one to choose.  I've never met any girls like you did."

"what about princess Beatrice?"said him.

"she is just my friend.  Not more than that.  You have experience in this. I need your advice"i said. 

Yes I need someone advice right now.  My brothers?  They are not here. So it's hard. John is the one that always be with me. I feel grateful that father choose him to my butler.

He smile and say "I am very happy to give you some advice,your highness because I treat you more than a prince.  I treat you as my son. "

I smile and happy when he said that.  I nod and say "thanks John."

He nodded and say "0oh wait. Before I talk with you more,  I forgot to bring your crown. You forgot to wear it again today"

I touch my head and sighed.  I grin and say "oh yeahh. I forgot. Go and take it now John" he nodded and quickly left.

I smile and close my eyes. The wind blew my face.  "your highness,  Prince Jungkook. Someone is here to meet you"said one of my maid.

I look at her and say "was it the girl that always send me my drink?" she nodded and say "I guess it's your drink but this time,  it's not the same girl"

I furrow my eyebrows and say "let her come here. I'm waiting down there." she nodded and left. 

I sighed and look around.  I walk and I heard someone talking behind me.

"there he is.  You can go give him the drink. Be careful walk down. This garden is kind of slippery when its wet."said my maid. 

I walk down with the stair and finally reach the last step.  I look at the sky.

I heard someone walking.

"your highness?"

She sounds angelic. I smile and turn around.  And that moment I knew,  we bump into each other and the drink spill on me.

I look at my clothes and look at her.

She is closing her mouth with her palm and quickly bow.  She apologize many time.

I smile and just look at her.  That's cute.

"your highness?  What happen?! "said John.

I didn't look at him and say "nothing.  I'm fine.  Just got some water on my clothes"

She look at me and we finally make eye contact with each other.

"Angela?" said John.

She look at him and shock.

"father?!"said her

"you both know each other?and she is your daughter, John? "I said while stare at her.

This is awkward but I enjoyed it.

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